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World of V – Voted #1 Project on VeChain

During the VeFam awards hosted by @AwardsVefam, World of V was voted the Number 1 platform on VeChain. This award goes to an NFT marketplace platform that is only two months old. Close second was VeSea, another NFT marketplace on VeChainThor Blockchain.

World of V’s goal is to create an integrated ecosystem that allows digital content creators to share their work in an engaging, fun way. Whether you’re a NFT artists or a VeFam member, their platform will offer everyone the opportunity to bring your art to life and reach a broader audience.

‘The first green, zero-cost NFT platform focusing on Art built on the VeChain blockchain #GreenNFTs.’

World of V Stats

So far, at time of awards, World of V has had 9,011 sales. Users have had 7,100 pieces minted so far, for 64,000 tokens. That averages out to 9.01 tokens per piece minted. 9.7 million WOV volume and 1.2 million $VET. With 3,090 wallets, over 1,500 made their profile.

“It’s growing, very new for VeChain community. See a lot of new people coming. What really matters is that the community is happy.” – Vetliever

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