My journey as I itch my curiosity learning about VeChain. What Is VeChain, Ecosystem Deep Dive, Where to Buy VeChain, Best Wallets, Staking, NFTs, Blockchain, and more.

I created this fan site in the middle of 2021 to write about things I find genuinely interesting and keep a log of what I find out. 

Mainly for two reasons:

  • Doing my initial research on VeChain, several sites that were known for being information stopped posting. Now that I’ve dipped my feet in the #VeFam, I know there are information sources available, which I list on this site, and more I’m sure to discover. I’ve always enjoyed researching companies and the aim is to research each company within the VeChain Ecosystem, which I’ve started here, there’s still a lot of work to do.
  • To itch my curiosity, continuously learn new things, and write about things I genuinely find interesting, primarily blockchain. For example, I’m currently working on an article related to Blockchain in the food industry, something that was sparked by the FDA hosting a challenge, which invited submissions for tech-enabled solutions that address the traceability needs and challenges unique to one or more segments of the human and animal food supply chain, that should be out early September. After that, something along the lines of having a ‘the benefits of a third-party certification body’ aka DNV, specifically to the wine industry, as there other Blockchain solutions out there. First of all though, I’m working on creating a solid foundation for the website and will move on to writing and collaborating with the community as that’s what inspires me the most.

Ran by one individual

There have been several community members that have helped out with information gathering/verification, I’m truly grateful and will always attempt to remember to give credit where it’s due. If I forgot to, it was an oversight and please let me know so it can be addressed. Open to constructive criticism, too. I’m aware this site isn’t, nor will it, ever be perfect… but I’m chasing progression, not perfection.


All articles on VeChainVeFam are provided free of charge. For projects/companies wanting to discuss a story/promotion, get in touch, twitter is the easiest. Coverage on promotions are to help keep the community aware, not made with the intent for self profit. For individuals that would like to write an article and host it on the site, get in touch, I would love to get quality content on the site.

Why the space theme?

It’s not what you might think. Apart from work, I’ve always been fascinated by outer-space. I’ve always said I will visit space before I die. That’s still a goal of mine. The theme has nothing to do with “VET to the moon!” or phrases such as that. As Sunny Lu said, and I agree, “Moon is not the finishing line and I like Mars better, lol.” 

It is important to realize this site is not affiliated with VeChain in anyway. I’m just a fan of VeChain #VeFam. First thing to remember is that anything found on this site is NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE. Another key point is if any article you read indicates or implies or is misconstrued otherwise, that is of no fault nor intention nor doing of mine.

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