Familiar with Vulcan Forged, Vulcan Verse, familiar with VETPets?

Well now Anyone Can Create Their own NFT Collection, dApp, or Digital Art from Any Device with ZERO gas fees with Agora.

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Vulcan Forged

Premium blockchain game studio, cross-chain NFT marketplace. Makers of @vulcanverse. Fueled by $PYR. With all 70,000 of their NFTs including Vulcan Verse on VeChain.

The cost per NFT to mint is 1 $PYR.

Sign up for the Vulcan Forged Marketplace here.

Vulcan Mobile V.1 released next week. You’ll be able to mint, buy, sell, trade, upgrade, level up, buy $PYR and track earnings from your phone.

Vulcan Forged on Twitter

4 Steps to Mint Your New NFT


After signing up, Click on your icon in the upper right corner and then on My Forge


Once in your Forge, click on Agora on the bar at the top, then click My Agora NFTs.


Click on Mint New.


Fill out your desired information and there you have it. Note, as stated before, Minting Price is 1 PYR.

$PYR Available At:


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Though this may be the first, it certainly won’t be the last. If you remember when Sunny was asked about an NFT Marketplace being in the works he had this to say…

Will you be using Agora?

Let me know in the comments below.

5 Replies to “NFT Marketplace Agora has Arrived. With Already 70k Vulcan Forged NFTs on VeChain, Agora is Now Open to The Public for Minting.”

  1. Agora is awesome! Started minting recently and already sold one piece of art on the marketplace. So happy to have access to this. Feels like the start of big things.

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