Airworthy is a Hip-Hop artist in collaboration with Aelios Art to produce high quality, intriguing and detailed artworks using various symbolism, motifs, etc.

Jake Dewey, better known by his stage name, Airworthy. He is a hip-hop artist and have been creating music since 2013. Together with my good friend and the artist of my music art covers, Chase Dahl (aka Aelios Art), they have collaborated to bring an exciting new line of NFTs.

Chase Dahl is an artist with years of experience in both traditional mediums and digital work. He is independently commissioned on a regular basis for works of fine art with a specialty in portraiture, and digital work ranging from graphic design to cover art. His breadth in artistic vision and ability brings unique and carefully crafted works to the world of NFTs.


Calling all #VeFam & #Pokémon fans! #SaikéMonsters are coming Dec. 4th (4pm UTC) on @worldofv_art

Saike Monsters

Saike Monsters will feature a line of the classic, 1st Generation Pokémon we all know and love…with a psychedelic twist! There will be 77 unique pieces, each for 3,200 VET. On the same day at 6 P.M. UTC, an auction will begin for “Trainer: Airworthy”.

One more thing! For each original Airworthy Collection piece you hold, you will receive an airdrop surprise on November 10th! Look forward to more details explaining these surprise NFTs on the day of the drop.

Airworthy Trainer

This special one will be for auction Dec. 4th (6pm UTC) in World of V Discord SaikéMonsters Dec. 4th, 4pm UTC

Ukiyoe Warriors

What is an Ukiyoe Warrior?

浮世絵 Ukiyoe (oo-kee-yoh-eh) or Japanese woodblock printing was a popular style of art in the Tokugawa Era (1603–1867). It translates as “pictures of the floating world”. The Airworthy team is proud to announce that in February 2022 we will be releasing a brand new collection of 3,777 unique NFTs on World of V in the ukiyoe style called “Ukiyoe Warriors”. It will feature 侍 Samurai, 武者 Musha (female warriors) and 猿 Apes, all with different traits, weapons, backgrounds, etc. Pricing TBD.

This comes with a completely revamped Roadmap for 2022, which now includes “Ukiyoe Yōkai”. More details in regards to the Ukiyoe Yōkai project will be announced as the launch date approaches.


Whitelist spots guarantee 1 mint before public launch of Ukiyoe Warriors.

All holders of The Airworthy Collection, Saiké Monsters or a Theme Song NFT (i.e. VeThugs Theme, Mad v-Apes Theme, etc.) are eligible for whitelist spots upon request.

Stay tuned in Discord for more opportunities to reserve a whitelist spot!

Ukiyoe Tokens

The well-known VeChain NFT project, Mad v-Apes, included Airworthy shirts and hats as rare traits to their collection. As of Dec. 12, 2021, a total of 355 Ukiyoe Tokens have been airdropped to each of the holders of these Airworthy apes. This token can be exchanged for a random Ape from the Ukiyoe Warriors collection come this February!

Non-Fungible News Interview with Airworthy

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