Ana Kuni Phygital Drop on World of V

Ana is super excited to introduce physical + NFT artworks and merge real and meta worlds.

When: The curated drop will happen tomorrow, January 7, at 8pm GMT +1

Where: World of V Marketplace and World of V Discord

Cost: More information down below under the art pieces, Pricing and Information

Phygital Video

R I S E collection

This collection has been created to remind us of our infinite power to transform. Most of Ana’s works are connected between each other, continuously telling a journey of someone who is striving to unlearn and thrive. Just as everything around us changing, moving, taking new shape, so as our majestic mind – if given right care – can take us on an adventure, showing us that limits can be removed. Each artwork of this collection is a stage of our journey. We start from shedding the old beliefs, embracing some uncomfortable or inconvenient aspects, letting old thoughts die, creating space for new seeds. Life Death Life cycles happen every moment, leading us to evolution and reminding us that some things are beyond our control. That takes us to Guardian role, that someone/something who is always leading the way, either in physical form or as an inner voice. When one is on the journey, there is always a protection spirit, keeping the path sacred. Initiation pieces have been inspired by a friend of mine, who lost her house to a fire. She asked me to paint Phoenix fire birds on her remaining wall to remind her that she will always have a power to Rise no matter the circumstances. This lead me thinking that community plays strong role in our spiritual journey as rising together creates a momentum that can be unstoppable. By facing each other in difficult moment we are building each other up and transforming the space together.

The creative process behind works is layered. First, physical sketches are being drawn and painted with watercolor. Then scanned and worked on digitally to create layers of light to be printed on gold metal. The choice of material is making the shine go through some layers allowing light to make the magic, changing the artwork throughout the day. Final artwork, when printed on brass metal, is hand embellished making it unique.

Pricing and Information

Question and Answer

What has your experience with VeChain and World of V been like? 

It has been such a smooth ride. They have been so professional and enthusiastic, community is also fire which makes it fun to work with

How difficult/lengthy was the implementation process?  

It was super easy from my side. They helped me upload all the information on the blockchain and showed me how the sticker and technology works.

Do you foresee a trend in the art world moving toward Phygitals?

Yes! I had so many clients asking to be introduced to NFTs yet they still want the actual piece on their wall. Phygital is the answer.

Is it happening already? How can we help bring them to World of V and VeChain?

Yes it is happening! I think phygital is how we bring new clients to World of V and VeChain as they will have something familiar and unknown as one experience. I am very excited about this journey. 

Was Phygitals your goal from the get go? 

Yes!!!!! When I learned about the VeChain tech from Dimitris, I couldn’t wait to bring this into my project. Replacing authenticity certificates on paper with high end tech is making it so much more valuable.

What advice would you give to other artists looking to create Phygitals on VeChain and World of V? 

Just go for it! Own your rights, grow your community, support other artists, enjoy this new world of opportunities. 

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