Big Eyes believes that women and men, uniting and respecting each other, pursuing a common goal, can reach unthinkable goals.

Their vision is to help as many people as possible.

Their mission is to share stories, the common stories of each of us to benefit and learn from them.

Exchanging ideas, opinions, but also information, market opportunities and projects are all the steps of this community.

Read how we can do this on the Big Eyes website.

Every purchase you make, goes to helping every woman to open her eyes to overcome the limits imposed by the society.

My will is that all people, men and women, open their eyes and no longer become slaves of the system, that they accept themselves for what they are and that they free themselves from the chains by overcoming their own limits.

There’s lots of great information, too much to post here, I recommend you head on over to their website and at the very least read more about the artist here

The first multi NFT collection focusing on telling the hidden stories behind every woman.


Mission #1

Space Women

A journey inside oneself, to discover the places that live in us

“Space Women” is a collection that represents the interior spaces of each of us. These spaces are intimate places where we can be ourselves and where we take refuge every day…

Today’s society continually storms us with models to follow, ideal lifestyles, perfect bodies, jobs and dream homes, making us feel useless, empty and wrong.

Making us believe that perfection is that, a fictitious life. These spaces represent a safe nest, even if some of them are dangerous, which allow us to survive, to remain ourselves, at least with ourselves.

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Street Women

This collection represents the abolition of gender borders. These women are represented dressed in clothes that are considered “masculine” precisely to underline our mission: there are no longer feminine or masculine clothes, there is the desire to dress and be whatever we want! I do it by looking for some of the best known routes in the world.

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