VeChain Dives Deeper in Seafood with Blue Aqua

“Today’s shrimp supply chains are long, complex, and often opaque. Without visibility, it is impossible to handle food safety concerns, prove legality, and verify sustainability—all issues that consumers, investors, regulators, and media are increasingly demanding. Traceability is essential to demonstrating that a product is ethically and sustainably sourced.” – WWF Seafood Sustainability

Blue Aqua will provide data from the source of shrimp post-larvae and feed used, culture period, farming methodology and harvest times will be tracked and available from the point of inception to the point of consumption.

Blue AQUA VeChain Partnership

This is interesting to note, given 90 percent of the shrimp we eat has been imported, but less than 2 percent of that gets inspected by U.S. regulatory agencies. VeChainThor Blockchain allows consumers with a way to at least gain visibility into the life cycle of their shrimp, even if the shrimp themselves do not get inspected directly by U.S. regulator agencies. However, that a is not to say that Blue Aqua shrimp will not.

Blue Aqua International is a one-stop solution provider for the aquaculture industry in the Asia-Pacific region and the United States.

From our VeChain Ecosystem list of 135+ Connections, partners, and Enterprises that trust VeChainThor, we now have four companies in the seafood market utilizing VeChainThor blockchain. From KnowSeafood, to Norway In A Box, to Gustav Gerig AG , and now Blue Aqua. The food traceability market is forecasted to reach $19.7 billion globally by 2022. Other food industry Enterprises that trust VeChainThor Blockchain include Walmart China, down to downstream supply chain partners such as farmers, fishermen, and many others.

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VeChain Dives Deeper in Seafood with Blue Aqua

“Taking into account the question of sustainable seafood in the market, this collaboration will harness the power of blockchain to assure consumers with unalterable, transparent data, and build trust in aquaculture and seafood produced through practical and sustainable methods,” said Dr Farshad Shishehchian, group president and founder of Blue Aqua International.

“VeChain ToolChain is the leading platform for enterprises to build their own blockchain applications. We intend to power Blue Aqua to enhance its business strategy by enabling a faster and cost-efficient blockchain platform. Data transparency will further ensure the long-term success of a sustainable farming industry,” VeChain CMO, Yvette Xia added.

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