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Digital Village VeChain Blockchain

Built with digital sustainability principles in mind, (the reason they chose VeChain) Digital Village (DV) is a recomposition of social media, gaming and e-commerce. DV is the first real-time Sustainable Multiplayer Metaverse connected to its Social Marketplace, which merges the physical and digital world with its own social blockchain interface, Village Protocol, and allows the real utility of digital assets in a metaverse going beyond scarcity and reputation. Digital Village metaverse will create hundreds of use cases for NFTs and enable users to import and actually use them within games, events and experiences in DV metaverse. DV applies human-centric design principles to create a Metaverse through the blockchain-based Metaprofiles powered by The Village Protocol Social System, connecting users through the marketplace to the DV MMO, connecting users with physical environments through their digital footprints. 

Create your Metaprofile today and let your digital footprints take you into the Digital Village Metaverse built on Unreal Engine.


Wait a second… I thought VeChain was just a supply chain platform, what’s a Metaverse?

Traditional companies can adapt Digital Village to gamify and better communicate their supply chain better to their customers by connecting it to Village Protocol.

The Metaverse is a collective virtual shared space, created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical reality and physically persistent virtual space, including the sum of all virtual worlds, augmented reality, and the Internet.

Digital Village merges digital world with real world by tracing digital footprints of the users and goods. Digital Village is currently in discussions with departments of sustainable development in several cities to take up residence and use Digital Village to simulate human behavior for social betterment, tackle climate change, and build better societies.

Digital Village VeChain Blockchain

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  • DV was selected as one of the top 10 technologies from over 130 applicants to receive a grant and mentorship of Blockstart – Funded by EuropeanUnion Research and Innovation Fund.
  • DV won the BLOCKROCKET monthly pitch event pitching DV to an audience of 60+ jury members inc. Wolfgang Mannel, Pranav Sharma, Sarah Finegan. Since then our mailbox has kept us very busy.
  • DV founder was listed as one of the “Top 30 Most Influential People in the Metaverse” by

Ready to get some DV Fashion NFT on Digital Village marketplace and utilize instantly on our Metaverse.

Digital Village VeChain Blockchain

The Village Protocol (Global Patent)

Digital Village Global Patent Village Protocol System

Users are visualizing and immersing with the blockchain In real-time through the Village Protocol system. Charting the movement of the digital footprints of their avatars and the community. Users participate, socialize and collaborate with fellow users on the Village Protocol, where they influence the fluctuating movement of the protocol impacting the market directly, transparent to the entire community. The Village Protocol allows users to mirror their activities and experiences in the physical world to the digital world utilizing DV coins in real-time from the marketplace into the metaverse through their Metaprofiles of Digital Village.

DV Coin

Digital Village Coin DVC VeChain $DVC social incentivizing system

DV Coin (DVC) is a new social incentivizing system, a complete opposite to the “like” button, which fosters negative comparisons on social media. DV coins help support each other for good actions in the real world and Digital Village Metaverse, leading to a large impact through behavioral development. DV Coin is a new social system to build an ecosystem for sustainable action, and users earn their reputation based on efforts. DV coin is a new accounting mechanism like carbon offset with which a business, a government, online communities or an individual can use to transact someone else to cut or remove a given quantity of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere (instead of planting a tree which will be planted now and will create actual impact in years time with DV Loyalty Points the impact has already been created.

The only difference is DV Coin will focus on the overall sustainability of humans and not just on environmental sustainability but also on cultural and social aspects. Users can earn DV coins by completing challenges provided by DV or making mindful choices by supporting local and sustainable businesses, by supporting female entrepreneurship, businesses, and organizations owned by people of color, minorities, or practicing more sustainable lifestyles by taking physical and digital actions to contribute to positive social impact. DVC will also lead to an open, inclusive economy where emerging creative talents focus on their vision and sustainability goals through a peer-curated feedback loop of content, ideas, and data, problem-solving, and design thinking approach.

DV Profile

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About Evelyn Mora

Evelyn Mora Digital Village

Evelyn Mora is a Finnish 28-year old awarded strategist, tech, and sustainability consultant based in Paris, France. She extensively analyzes and evaluates the transformation of the public and private sectors in terms of technological transition and sustainable development, emphasizing Gen Alpha, Gen Z, and Millennial generation studies.

Evelyn Mora created Helsinki Fashion Week in 2014, she relaunched the event under sustainability principles and became the world’s first recognized and most sustainable fashion week. Under the leadership of Evelyn, Helsinki Fashion Week evolved into a multimillion-euro brand and was recognized and nominated for the British Fashion Awards and awarded as the event of the year by Peta in 2018 and the Epica Awards in the fashion category in 2020. Her clients include the Ministry of Environment of Finland, Kering Group, Tesla, Condé Nast International, VTT Technical Research Institute, European Space Agency, Flanders DC, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland, Norden – Council of Nordic Ministers.

Team on Linkedin


  • Studio Symbiosis
  • clouds_ao – focusing on strategic implantation of digital sustainability strategies into the real world using DV.

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Q&Aw/ Evelyn Mora

All answers were transcribed from audio files, apologies if I advance if anything is mistyped.

What is your goal with Digital Village?

  • My goal with Digital Village is to create a self sustaining society, give people independence, agency, and give them the tools to utilize the Web 3, in the best way, in their own way.

At what point will you consider Digital Village a success?

  • When other platforms and governments come to me, banks, how did you make this happen, just like what happened with Ecovillage in 2018.
  • When we have a large enough community who share the values and utilize the tools and platform in a successful way, and brings value to them. That’s obviously when I will consider it a success.
  • And of course I want to make the internet a more ethical place and tackle the challenges around privacy and ethical use of data. There are a lot of things we can do with data that will benefit people as well.

Can you give an example of how you will be helping cities reach their sustainable development goals?

  • Different cities have different sustainability goals, so just like digital strategies in something that fits all, like one size fits all, it’s the same with the cities, they are different regions and they face different challenges. I worked for, for some time with some governments as a consultant, so I know they put a lot of money and research and they have a lot of information but they don’t have game plans. They don’t know how to implement those research outcomes in a sustainable way. So in the Digital space they can really test those concepts, and we will do that anyway and focus on several different challenges that governments are facing. So when you have a game plan and you have a sustainable sort of plan how to deploy those solutions in the real world it will be much easier.
  • By testing these things in the digital space, these solutions, these potential solutions, they can mitigate risks, they can come up with sustainable budgets and ways to deploy these solutions in the real world environment.

As you’ve collaborated with Tesla in the past, will they be participating in this project?

  • I collaborated with Tesla during the Ecovillage concept, it was great, and Elon Musk is a huge, huge inspiration to me. Despite some peoples protestation in terms of mining and saying Tesla is not sustainable, Tesla is still way more sustainable than our traditional ways. How we use to provide mobility to people, and I think he has a big vision that takes time to reach and I think he is doing great. Sustainability is not black and white, the point is to improve.
  • Tesla is not going to participate. I mean, not yet at least as of now part of Digital Village. But they might be in the future.

If Digital Village Coins (DVC) are awarded to IRL actions, how are good actions in the real world verified?

  • We have a very interesting strategy around DVC and I’ll be revealing them all at a later stage, as we are still finalizing our tokenomics and white paper. But one thing I have a great track record of in the past 10 years of my career is to mobilizing people, inspiring people, inspiring them to change independently and then take action, that is measurable. So there are several ways to measure impact of DVC.
  • Ultimately the point is to inspire people to change their behavior and I don’t believe in preaching or using people’s fears or FOMOs against them to make them do stuff, so I have a different type of approach to reaching results when it comes to sustainability or anything really, even commercial stuff. I think planting trees for minting NFTs is just ridiculous, people are being really lazy in the industry and not really looking into what’s the next step, what’s the big picture, long term vision for NFTs.

When is Digital Village launching?

  • By the end of September we’ll have our closed Beta Lounge and we are aiming to open the platform for everybody in January. So we are currently hiring more people to make that happen and it is looking very promising.

What are bad recommendations you hear in your profession or area of expertise?

  • As much as I think that NFTs are, the actual like what they enable, the whole point essentially is good, I do not think that making more money should not be the best advice, I feel like the hype that is created around NFTs is purely financial, I think there should be more benefits than financial benefits in web 3. Which I think there are, several, that can even be more valuable than the financial gain in the long run. But obviously the financial gain is part of the whole thing, reaching prosperity is not excluded when you do things in a sustainable way.

Will $VET be used to purchase items on the Digital Village Marketplace or will everything be through DVC?

  • We have a very big vision and goals for what we want to do with VeChain and the $VET holders will definitely benefit from that but we want to be blockchain agnostic in the near future and we will be accepting Ethereum ($ETH) as well. So, I don’t believe that there should be just one metaverse or one currency or one blockchain, although I do want to make Digital Village and DVC, just to set the bar and example of what we can do with web 3.

Must I submit a video to apply to sell on the marketplace?

  • It’s not mandatory to send a video to sell on Digital Village (DV), you can sell in the future even without applying, at the moment you have to apply to that we select the right type of content that fits essentially our lounge strategy. We currently are looking into game developers and picking the best of the best to start the experiences from. We have a very specific plan for the zones and the user experiences and that is essentially what we are prioritizing so whatever fits into that plan will bring on board quickly. But again, like I’ve said before we’re about inclusivity not exclusivity, so I am definitely aiming to bring this whole platform.

Would you live on Mars in the future, if possible? If not, how about visit?

  • If it would be possible to live on Mars, I guess at some point, I guess I would like to live there. Yes I would love to visit at some point. Just in general, leave the earth and see the space. Float there for a while, I definitely would do that.

If you had no limitations at all – how would you utilize the Metaverse? Fantasy please

  • Ha, nice…nice asking my own question about utilizing the Metaverse. I don’t think that we have any limitations, I think the biggest limitations we have are people’s mindset. How do we make people realize that money is essentially a tool of exchange, but there is much more in life and our time here and how we can make the most of it, it’s not just making as much money as possible. As much as money can bring a lot of prosperity and sometimes even happiness, making your life easier, it doesn’t solve all your problems. And I think, at the end of the day what we want is not to become rich but to have freedom, you know, independence and a lot of other things.
  • The recipe for happiness includes financial prosperity but you have to do it in a right way, right? Like you have to understand how to price your NFTs, how to create supply chains for them, how to utilize, how connect the digital and physical spaces, places, worlds, if you will. So it’s a very complicated, concept which we are trying to tackle.

If you could have a gigantic billboard anywhere with anything on it – metaphorically speaking, getting a message out to millions or billions – what would it say and why? It could be a few words or a paragraph.

  • That’s a great question… I’ve been looking into sustainability, and mindsets, and lifestyles for several years and I guess the happiest I’ve been is when I learned to live in the moment. So not think about the past, or the future, just live in the moment and I think that’s very fulfilling. Living in the moment, but I guess it requires a certain level of bravery, and faith, and trust in yourself and in the world, the universe if you will. To have the courage to live in the moment but I think that’s the best way to live so I think I would just want to remind people of that.
  • I think it’s like a practice, just like any sports, if you want to grow a muscle or adopt new habits, you have to practice them. Just like sustainability you have to be aware of your choices every single day for years and years. I still do that, you know I’ve been preaching about sustainability for like ten years now but I still have to be conscious of my choices. Sometimes it’s just so much easier to take that Uber or eat something quick and not good or you need to wear something for a quick meeting and a fast fashion shop is right there but if you want to buy something sustainable it’s really difficult, it takes more time. It’s all about putting in the effort, and being conscious and consistent, with your choices because the sum of your choices is essentially what will shape and make your lifestyle. and your lifestyle will then impact everything else, your mental and physical health, your mindset your mood, your emotions, if people would just understand that being selfish is not necessarily to cross people and become as rich as possible as soon as possible but it’s about prioritizing your overall well being by being conscious, by living in the moment, and you know when you listen to yourself, in terms of how you feel in certain situations, in say social media how it makes you feel. If you find it doesn’t make you feel good then why are we still there? Why are we there for hours and hours? There’s 4 billion people using social media like everyday, so I’m the most impatient person ever so it’s ironic for me to say that we need to be patient, aware, and consistent with our choices. It’s a mental exercise that I practice everyday. So, it’s definitely something I would recommend, but it’s definitely worth it, especially on the long haul.


  • Maybe just a cherry on top, I would add, when I say Digital Village is a recomposition of social media, gaming and e-commerce, I mean it. Those are really important elements to combine and curate successfully together.
  • I’m so excited about how we’re going to gamify the experiences in Digital Village, how we’re going to enable people to socialize and how we’re going to enable commercial activities there as well, it’s all in a very balance.
  • People keep telling that Digital Village is such an ambitious project but you know it’s web 3 project and if you have a web 2 mind, then yes it will look like it’s ambitious and I’m not saying that it’s simple, or maybe I am. But it’s definitely gonna take work and team effort and we have a great team. We are ready to put in the work and we have and we will. It’s just what web 3 needs to become web 3.

Thank you for your time Evelyn, hope to see you on Mars one day.

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