Here are over 15 different examples of VeChain in real life applications you can see.

Video List as of 9/7/2021

  1. BrightCode
  2. DNV MyBaby
  3. DNV My Story: Wine / It’s about fish /New Era of Sustainable Fashion
  4. E-HCert 
  5. Fuji MARUMO Tea Garden
  6. Harrell Harris
  7. KnowSeaFood
  8. Latitude 28
  9. ReaSea Project
  10. Recolte
  11. Sarah Regensburger
  12. VeChain Stats / VIMworld
  13. YI ZHI JI w/ NFTs 
  14. Frankand Oak
  15. Jonathan Suave

Other Mediums

  1. Daniel Nortje; Great write-up on LinkedIn on Integrating Salesforce with Public Blockchains – Part 1: VeChainThor, April 2021.
  2. San Marino COVID-19 NFT
  3. Storybird – Utilized by Knowseafood & Oatman Farms, powered by VeChain 
  4. VeChain VET/VTHO Perfect In The Food Industry; Article with lots of pictures with examples of what you see from Walmart/Sam’s Club/L28/FoodGates/KnowSeafood/Yunnan Pu’er Tea/Norway In a Box, coming soon.
  5. VeTrust; there is a QR code that you can scan on your phone and interact with.

Video List





Fuji MARUMO Tea Garden

Harrell Eyewear


Latitude 28

ReaSea Project


Sarah Regensburger

VeChain Stats / VIMworld


Frankand Oak

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