June 1, 2021, the FDA Launched a Challenge to Spur Development of Affordable Traceability Tools as Part of Broader Food Safety Efforts. The FDA will accept submissions from June 1 through July 30. An interesting opportunity for VeChain and DNV My Story™ to submit to the FDA Smarter Food Safety.

KnowSeaFood Product Tracing on StoryBird Powered by VeChain, another prime example.

DNV My Story™ x VeChain Competitive Advantage in FDA Challenge

“Trust is nice as long as there are measurements that serve as a watchdog.”

Eli Goldratt

DNV are experts with long experience from certification audits in the food and beverage sector; working closely with the producer to assess the production practices and to verify that the data sourced from these activities are accurate and relevant. 

To achieve a high level of counterfeiting protection, building the highest level of trust, and ensuring they are providing reliable data, companies can use third-party certification bodies, like DNV My Story™

The use of third-party certification bodies can insure customers against the risk of deliberate and intentional manipulation of all declared data. Providing the customer with transparency that you can trust.

DNV & VeChain

My Story would make a great candidate for the 12 winners that will be announced. Although no cash prizes will be awarded, the winners will have the opportunity to present their work publicly in a webinar planned for September and their videos will be posted for public viewing.

The challenge invites submissions for tech-enabled solutions that address the traceability needs and challenges unique to one or more segments of the human and animal food supply chain, which is thoroughly examined in the article above. 

DNV GL & VeChain may already have four videos ready for submission already up on YouTube. Two videos below and two DNV My Story videos.

With Frank Yiannas at the FDA, they may already know VeChain has already established several blockchain traceability platforms, for example but not limited to:

With Frank Yiannas at the FDA, they may already know VeChain has already established several blockchain traceability platforms,

Walmart China, PwC China and VeChain jointly announced the establishment of the Walmart China Blockchain Traceability Platform, on June 25th, 2019. Fast forward to June 2020, VeChain announced Sam’s Club China, owned by Walmart China, will be rolling out Sam’s Club Blockchain Traceability PlatformFast forward to June 2021, could we see VeChain submit their application to the FDA challenge?

Frank Yiannas, @FrankYiannasFDA, has 10 years experience as a VP – Food Safety at Walmart, perhaps the FDA is already aware of VeChain and their capabilities?