Galaxy Portraits NFT series is a collection of 1,099 artworks representing human and alien hybrids. Each piece was generated using an algorithm trained against a combination of stock photos of humans and custom sketches of deep-sky objects (galaxies, nebulas, stars, etc.)

Galaxy Portraits NFTs themselves comprise the metadata described in VIP-181 tokens stored on the VeChain blockchain. The unique humanoid art represented within that metadata will be available for download as .pngs

Minting finishes on the 3rd of December at 1pm UTC


The year is 12094…

In venturing out to the furthest edges of the Galaxy, human explorers connected with 1000’s of unique alien species.

These are their stories…

Meet Rosaria

The daughter of a wealthy Galactic Opal trader and rightful aire to the Cunningham fortune. After her home planet of Androir was taken by the Federation, she plans to use her fortune to take it back.

Meet Nandroid

During the early expansion of the human race across the universe, Nandroid led a Galactic fleet expedition that spanned 80 Light Years and took 921 years to complete. Now retired Nandroid trains future explorers at the federation.

Meet Solanu

She was born as a ray of sunlight in the Gorpax Star Cluster. When a galaxy system is experiencing extreme dark periods she will appear to spread her light and positivity.

Meet Masuma

Over the past 650 years the Galactic Federation have been searching for Masuma, the girl who shot the 3rd Commander to the thrown, none have found her. To avoid detection she spends her time shapshifting into other forms

Minting Information


November 26th @ 1pm UTC


3000 VET (20 mints/TX)

Let’s mint some!

Minting Rewards

Our minting rewards includeeee….

  • Grandprize of 50k $vet (100k if everything is minted)
  • Owners will be able to mint future collections like #galaxywolves or #shapeshiftingportraits for a reduced price
  • A 90cm x 90cm Canvas Print of your #GalaxyPortrait
  • A rare Young Mamba Portrait (Previewed below)

Community Feedback

Galaxy Portraits drew me in with the bold colors of their striking artwork and the subtle blend of human and alien characteristics. The team could have stopped there, but chose to create a backstory for each of the 1,099 GPs minted. It was a pleasure working with the creator of the project and I was honored to receive a custom Galaxy Portrait: ‘Eisenreich the Seer’ will forever live on the VeChain blockchain as a small part of the expanding Galaxy Portrait Universe.


Galaxy Portraits had me hooked from the very first sneak peak. Every piece tells a story, and the world Ben has created is both imaginative and thought provoking. I think the artwork speak for itself, and for me it’s saying “HODL.”


The most interesting part of galaxy portraits is that every face shows something different. Just by the look one can already see their history and feel connected. Makings, stripes, and different colors make each portrait unique with its very own history.


I love the back story’s and the creative artwork. I like the low supply and to support and up and coming artist whose work speaks for itself.


I really love the artistic touch brought to this collection and the story created behind each portrait, it’s not something you see every day and it brings the portrait to life.


I love my 2 galaxy Portaits. I am a massive Sci-Fi fan I love the pending and already seen back drops to these. Sometimes it is not all about the utility but the appreciation of the impeccable art. Now I would like to know how to screen these to display them!


My pfp Was love on the 2nd Look. 1st, i was looking for a totally other style. But then, those eyes caught me. I really love the Art of the portraits. Ive seen So many in the collection (of only 300 visible) i really want to have… I have nfts from nearly 10 different projects but this one is clearly not to trade or flip, the Art simply is unique and amazing.


The art fascinates me. The combination of colors is just perfect and makes each portrait unique. On top of that, the supply is very low, making it an excellent investment.



When Will Minting Begin?

Blind minting will begin on Nov. 26 @ 1pm UTC

The sale will only last 7 days. Anything unminted after that date will be removed from total supply. Minting finishes on the 3rd of December at 1pm UTC

Minted tokens will be revealed upon every 250th mint.

How many tokens can I mint?

Galaxy Portraits NFT series includes 1,090 artworks

Each transaction will be limited to 20 tokens, in order to give everyone a fair shot

Who is behind Galaxy Portraits?

Galaxy Portraits are a completely community-owned and curated collection!

To get in touch with this collection’s creators, check out Galaxy Portraits’ Twitter!

Are we affiliated with VeSea and/or VeKings?

No. VeSea is the NFT marketplace built on VeChain that allows users to create, trade, and exchange NFT assets, including both Galaxy Portraits and VeKings

VeSea facilitates token minting and exchange between the blockchain and users that choose to create or exchange Galaxy Portraits, but it is not a party to any agreement between those users and the creators or owners of these crypto assets. For more information on VeSea’s role in this community collection’s mint and the independent services VeSea provides artists, please see our Terms & Conditions

What licensing will Galaxy Portraits fall under?

Galaxy Portraits fall under Public Domain, CC0 – learn more about it here

How can I stay up to date?

Keep an eye out on Galaxy Portraits’ Twitter!

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