VeChain’s BD Director spoke at the Food & Beverage Technology Summit 2021, Guangzhou, China!

#VeChain's BD Director just spoke at the Food & Beverage Technology Summit 2021, Guangzhou, China!

Joined by global companies & research bodies, VeChain shared insight on digital transformation & how radically blockchain can disrupt the F&B industry.

This makes sense, given VeChain is the sole public blockchain provider for the China Animal Health And Food Safety Alliance (CAFA).

Established in 2009, CAFA focuses closely on animal health and food safety issues as well as solving major technical problems and bottlenecks involved throughout the industry chain. Members of CAFA include scientific research institutes, industry associations, aquaculture enterprises, testing and certification enterprises, veterinary medicine enterprises, consulting enterprises, catering enterprises and supermarkets. The alliance is committed to providing consumers with safe, high quality and healthy animal source foods.


Given the multitude of companies working with VeChain in the Food & Beverage industry, it just makes sense.

Article on that coming soon.

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