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Harrell Eyewear® Has partnered with 2x Grammy Award winner Keith Harris to bring you a limited edition (NLYI) Never Lose Your Identity® shirt including limited packaging. This shirt is limited to no more than 220 pieces, and will continued to be updated with exclusive content like, new music, possible meet and greet, as well as possible backstage access to exclusive shows. All this just by scanning the QR code on the back of the shirt! This is all tracked and traced on blockchain technology . Never Lose Your Identity® is our tagline for our upcoming eyewear line. PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 2 WEEKS to receive your exclusive shirt. Welcome to our family.

Harrell Eyewear is more than just a frame, our brand stands amongst some of the very best in our industry. Every frame is designed with a customer first approach. Each frame is hand crafted in Japan and takes more than 1,000 man hours from start to finish. There is roughly 200 steps to produce just one Harrell Eyewear frame. After the frame is completed, it goes through a rigorous quality control process. 

The whole process is then recorded on blockchain for 100 percent transparency and authenticity. This is available for each frame sold. What does this mean for you? With just a scan of a QR code, you can follow the entire journey of your eyewear all the way to your hands. “We have nothing to hide when it comes to quality” the moment you put a Harrell Eyewear frame on, you will feel what the very best feels like.


Video is just a sneak peak, there’s a lot of information/content provided. *T-shirt picture credit to @eisenreich

Harrell Harris, CEO of Harrell Eyewear, was kind enough to answer some questions.

Q&A Harrell Eyewear and NLYI (Never Lose Your Identity)

What has your experience with VeChain been like? 

My experience with VeChain has been nothing short of amazing. Jason Rockwood and I had a zoom meeting and he understood my vision for the company. Harrell Eyewear is a multifaceted company that combines a unique experience for our customers with full transparency. Our approach to fashion and service aligned perfectly. 

How easy or difficult was the implementation process? Can you walk us through the steps?

Implementation of the VeChain ecosystem was easy for us. Jason introduced me to his technology expert David Smith from Micromation.  He made the process easy to implement with our vision. 

Did Harrell Eyewear reach out to VeChain or were you approached? Why VeChain over other options? 

Our company reached out to VeChain, we have been a fan of their blockchain system for years. Timing is everything and we felt like the time was now. Blockchain is definitely the future, and we wanted a partnership with the same vision and integrity. 

Was this a one time event or will all products follow suit? Will Harrell Eyewear have more limited edition releases in the future?

I’m a huge fan of limited edition pieces. The value of things that aren’t mass produced, this allows the consumer to feel special. I use to collect Hot Wheels years ago and they had that one special car called a Treasure Hunt. That was the one car everyone wanted. The value of it was 60x all of the other cars in a box of 74 pieces. 

Harrell Eyewear has some incredible things coming that will make or customer feel that way with every product we release. NLYI (NEVER LOSE YOUR IDENTITY) speaks to the present times we are in. This messaging resonates with every culture and industry. It’s powerful to be on the side of wanting to change the atmosphere of today. So yes, a lot of great things to come. 

Are customers willing to pay a premium for the transparency?

Customers are willing to pay for an experience and great service. If your brand is customer focused, and has incredible quality as well as transparency, they will be willing to pay top dollar. We want to engulf our customers with constant value in exchange for their purchases. 

Identity 1 glasses are sold out on the website, will more be available? Can we expect other styles? 

Our Identity 1 frame will return for sure. It sold out in minutes. We will have other styles as well coming soon. Our eyewear collection we have dedicated an incredible amount of time with. We can’t wait to share. Right now we have multiple meetings that can really help with brand awareness as well as mass adoption. ? If you haven’t grabbed a shirt yet, you are truly missing part of the community and some incredible surprises only given through our shirts. 

How can someone become part of the Harrell Eyewear focus group? 

Harrell Eyewear is not just about building a brand, we are about communities. Please DM us if your interested in our exclusive focus group. Remember you have to follow us to DM us. We appreciate the #Vechain family, and we would love to hear how we can build greatnesses with you.

What does the future hold for Harrell Eyewear and VeChain? What does the future look like for Harrell Eyewear?

”The future for Harrell Eyewear is a bright one”. That is a quote from my friend Jason Rockwood. Vechain plays a tremendous roll in what’s to come. We are just getting started.

Will Harrell Eyewear accept $VET as payment in the future?

Yes we will.

What advice would you give to other companies looking to follow in your footsteps?

The only advice I would give to someone wanting to follow in our footsteps is. Value, service and originality is pivotal to a brand. Transparency adds the trust to support your business and its value to your customers.   Thank you so much for having me. Such an honor. Please follow us and support our brand as well as VeChain

Twitter @harrelleyewear

Instagram @harrell_eyewear 


And remember… 


Grab Your Shirt Before It’s Too Late

Food For Thought… 

I recently attended the Van Gogh Museum and thought to myself, “What if Van Gogh had recorded information on the VeChainThor? Imagine being able to scan a code, maybe even having a sensor beneath the paint, and see videos of him working, WIP pictures, to stories behind the work, transfer of owners, last sales price, and so much more. Even modern day artists like Damien Hirst who posts videos of him explaining on Instagram about his artwork and the stories behind them, could benefit from such a collaboration. 

Think about an Etsy partnership, or individual sellers. Etsy always promotes, share the story behind your work and what makes it unique. VeChain provides the opportunity to make that special connection with the customer. A Gelato store owner recently posted on reddit with interest in implementing this for his company. It just goes to show this can be implemented in any industry, what applications can you think of? 

Harrell Eyewear is something special and I’m glad I got the time to learn more and I look forward to their future success. I believe Jason was right, their future is bright. 

Harrell Eyewear VeChain Never Lose Your Identity Clothing Interview
VeChain VET VTHO Where to buy VeChainThor Logo Blockchain Crypto Cryptocurrency Where to buy VeChain VET VTHO in the US World of V
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