Jenni Pasanen Designer of the coveted Whale Card

(Genesis 2021 Collectors Card)

Uniting art, GAN/AI & creativity.

“Creating in the new medium and the era of art, where creativity of machine & human unite as one. Instead of canvas painted by a brush, I use generative adversarial networks. This tool frees the imagination, to create something unprecedented & fascinating.”

As Jenni told me, “Most my works are animal themed”

The Collectors Card (Genesis 2021 – Whale Card) designed by Jenni Pasanen

Special Card level: 9

Daily WoV generation: 500 $WoV

Initial WoV distribution: 50k WoV

Genesis Cards required: All 200 Genesis Cards (Full Set)

Jenni Pasanen on World of V

Link to World of V Profile

As of 5/29/22, Jenni has 8 NFTs created on World of V. Ranging from 1/1’s to 300/300. Making her work available to a wide variety of collectors.

Jenni doesn’t stop at World of V.

My favorite piece from hers, 0085AI, can be found on OBJKT.

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