After purchase, I recently received my Limited Edition Harrell Eyewear Never Lose Your Identity Tee. 

This shirt is limited to no more than 220 pieces, and will continued to be updated with exclusive content like, new music, possible meet and greet, as well as possible backstage access to exclusive shows. 

With who? Harrell Eyewear® Has partnered with 2x Grammy Award winner Keith Harris to bring you a limited edition (NLYI) Never Lose Your Identity® shirt including limited packaging. 

All this just by scanning the QR code on the back of the shirt.

This is all tracked and traced on VeChain blockchain technology, VeChain ToolChain.

There’s even more information about the shirt itself such as production information, as well as the exclusive content as stated above, which gets updated with more. “When you believe in quality, there is nothing to hide.” – Harrell Harris CEO of Harrell Eyewear.

Identity Tee Review

I’ve never done a t-shirt review before but I’ll give my thoughts on these basic factors: Comfortability, Price, Value, Delivery Time.

Comfortability Truth be told, being a limited edition shirt I’ve only worn it once; just long enough to snap some pictures. However, this shirt is strangely comfortable. I say strangely because I can’t remember the last time I put on a tee and had the thought “this is comfortable”. 

As I expected with a company in the VeChainThor Ecosystem, quality wasn’t overlooked when choosing their first tee. Probably should have expected that after hearing the quote from Jason Rockwood in the recent interview ”The future for Harrell Eyewear is a bright one.” Seriously though, if you plan on wearing this after buying it, I can’t see you regretting it because of the comfort. For comparison sake, my typical go to t-shirts are Banana Republic plain colored tees. I find this to be more comfortable.

Price “is what you pay” 

$60, or as of right now equivalent to roughly 451 VET. I was lucky enough to pick this up on one of their sales for 25% off, or $45. This is more expensive than my typical Banana Republic tee but then again, this isn’t your typical tee and it’s more comfortable.

Value “is what you get” 

I did not think of making a review of the shirt until weeks after it arrived, so that wasn’t a determining factor in my purchase. I purchased the shirt for these reasons:

  • Tracked and traced on VeChain blockchain technology.
  • To Support the VeChainThor Ecosystem.
  • Limited Edition shirt. Collectors item?
  • Exclusive content like new music, possible meet and greet, as well as possible backstage access to exclusive shows.
  • Like the message behind the shirt and vision of Harrell Eyewear.
  • Harrell seems like a genuinely caring and cool guy and I see a future for the company. 

Delivery Time

It states in the item description to allow up to two weeks for delivery. It did indeed take roughly two weeks, I think it arrived on day 14. Accurate.


I’m happy I made the purchase and am looking forward to the future of Harrell Eyewear.

If you missed the interview with Harrell Harris, CEO of Harrell Eyewear, he was kind enough to answer some questions. 

Twitter @harrelleyewear

Instagram @harrell_eyewear

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