Mad ⓥ Apes Fusion Series

Fusion Series Mad V Apes

From the Mad V Ape discord announcement channel,

“Fusion Series was made to give our community a new collection, this is planned to be one of the best in our Blockchain Fusion series are going to be airdropped to your wallets under some conditions:

1st.- If you´re holding 3 Madv-apes you´re going to get 1 Fusion Ape.

2nd.-If you´re holding 2 Madv-apes you´re going to have a 75% chance to get 1 Fusion Ape.

3rd.-If you´re holding 1 Madv-ape you´re going to have a 50% chance to get 1 Fusion Ape.

More Apes you have, more Apes you get! 6=2, 9=3, 12=4, and so forth!

We have some extra Fusion apes for members:

Alpha Collection Top 5 Whales: 4 Fusion Apes

Alpha Collection Icons: 3 Fusion Apes

Alpha Collection Top 20 Rank: 3 Fusion Apes

Alpha Collection Top 20 Buyers: 2 Fusion Apes

Alpha Collection Top 10 High Sales: 2 Fusion Apes

Primal Force: 1 Fusion Ape

Also, each Madv-ape Alpha Collection holder will have the chance to mint extra Fusion apes, (2 per transaction). Total Supply: 5.000 Fusion Apes. Available to mint: 3150 840 Wallets x 2 apes= 1600 You better be fast! Mint price: 1000 VET.

But this isn’t going to be about releasing a new collection and forget about our most important asset the Alpha Collection. Holders are going to receive our newest addition to the MVA world, the $MVA Token!

This token will have many utilities, The first of them is that you’re going to be able to mint new collections using just the $MVA token. So, yes, we´re going to have Breeding, in the next step. You won’t be able to access Fusion Breeding if you don’t have an Alpha. You´re always going to need an Madv-ape Alpha to have MVA full access, for example, the Ape World and many more things to come in the near future. No Ape, Alpha or Fusion can be listed below floor price, or you will lose all your benefits.”

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