VeFam, ICO is closing in several hours, according to this tweet, and two of the NFT giveaways expire 10/3/2021 so I wanted to get this article out today, I apologize for falling behind and I hope this gets to you in time if you haven’t yet pulled the trigger or are aware of Mad Viking Games. Thanks for understanding, deeper detail on Mad Viking Games coming in later installments… Subscribe to the newsletter for that and more information.

ICO is live, only hours left via the VeChainThor blockchain. Make sure to complete your KYC form before hand. Briefly explained, Mad Viking Games introduces a new kind of NFT platform, and takes NFT gaming to a new level. Presenting high quality blockchain based games, with a new breeding and aging system, together with an interactive NFT interface. In order to participate in the MVG ICO, Mad Viking Games require you to do a simple KYC.

All packages come with a Treasure Chest NFT that gives the holder exclusive platform benefits! All Treasure Chest NFTs will be distributed once the marketplace goes live. The benefits do not stack, but extra Treasure Chests can be sold on the market to people who comes onboard the project after the ICO.

Current* opportunities for free NFTs

Some NFT giveaways ending as early as 10/3, get them while you can.

Dainsleif: The Merciless. & Svalin: The Guardian. 

OFFER VALID FROM: Date 28.9.2021–3.10.2021.

What to do: Fill out this form (Click here).

Choose between two items from our NFT items collection:
1) Dainsleif: The Merciless. 
Dainsleif is a sword made by the dwarves Dain. The sword is cursed, once drawn it must kill a man before it can be returned to the sheath. A strike from this cursed sword never fails to kill or cause a serious wound that will never heal.

2) Svalin: The Guardian. 
Svalin is a shield created by the Gods of Asgard and offers immense protection to its wielder. The shields protection is said to be so exceptional, that its wielder is able to touch the surface of the sun without getting hurt.

All wallets holding Dainsleif or Svalin Item NFT have a 5% increase in their Generation of GEMS and a 5% reduction in Market Fees on the Mad Viking Games platform and marketplace (This bonus does not stack with the bonus gained from Treasure Chest NFTs).

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Thor’s Hammer: Mjölnir, The Thunderer & Surtur’s Sword

OFFER VALID FROM: Date 19.9.2021–3.10.2021.

Lucky draw winners will be announced 5th of October.

What to do: Fill out this form (Click here).

To celebrate that Mad Viking Games is launching on the VechainThor Blockchain, they have an exclusive gift for x-node holders and 10 other lucky participants. Anyone can participate in the lucky draw.

Choose between two items from our Ancient Norse Artifacts collection: 
1) Thor’s Hammer: Mjölnir, The Thunderer. One of the most powerful weapons of the gods. Capable of massive destruction by lightning and sheer force, but can also be used to give divine blessings in the form of healing and resurrection.

2) Surtur’s Sword: The World Cleaver. The sword the primordial fire giant Surtur will wield during Ragnarok. Forged in the heart of the fire realm Muspelheim, it is capable of destroying worlds and killing gods.

All wallets holding Thors Hammer or Surturs Sword from our Ancient Norse Artifact collection will have a 5% increase in their staking rewards via the Mad Viking Games platform (This bonus stack with the staking bonus gained from Treasure Chest NFTs).

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Odins Shield

OFFER VALID FROM: Date 12.9.2021— 11.10.2021.
Mad Vikings Games NFT VeChain Blockchain

Criteria for participation:

  1. Has been holding at least 10.000 VET for over a month, at the moment of application.
  2. Valid participants get to choose one among five different versions of the Odins Shield.
  3. What to do: Fill out this form to select your Odins Shield NFT. (Click here)
  4. All NFTs will be distributed once the Mad Viking Games platform launch.

All wallets holding an Odins Shield NFT will have a 10% increase in their generation of GEMS via the Mad Viking Games platform (This bonus does not stack with other NFT benefits).

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It is not a criterion, but Mad Viking Games would appreciate if you would follow them on Twitter and Telegram.

Mad Vikings Games NFT VeChain Blockchain
Mad Viking Games, VeChain, VIMworld by MVG.

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Where to Buy VeChain VET/VTHO

VeChain VET VTHO Where to buy VeChainThor Logo Blockchain Crypto Cryptocurrency Where to buy VeChain VET VTHO in the US World of V
Where to Buy VeChain VET/VTHO

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