Metatun MMO-RPG Game

Role-playing P2E game built on Roblox where each player takes on the role of a unique Metatun and goes on an adventure with pets and weapons to collect materials and treasures to rebuild its home.

The goal is to build an open and collaborative meta-universe platform supporting third-party NFTs and unite individual NFT projects to form a larger game meta-universe.

How we approach our goal is to work with third-party NFT projects to integrate, extend or add utility to their projects such as representing their artwork and providing exclusive members-only content inside the Metatun game.

Example of one such collaboration with VeKings:

Metatun NFTs provide players with unique playable characters in the game, players can toggle between those characters on the game menu by clicking on the images of the NFTs in their wallets. Available characters will show up once players bind their wallets to the game. 

Each Metatun NFT is born with a different combination of traits, and some provide in-game effects and abilities that enhance player experience and help players in their adventures.

The Adventure mode will be launched sometime in mid-June to early-July. Story mode and PVP mode are planned for subsequent releases.

Pre-sale for whitelisted members starts on 6 May 2022 00:00hrs UTC

Public Sale on 8 May 2022 00:00hrs UTC

Mint Price is at 1400VET

Minting is held on Metatun website

Secondary market is on Vesea

Metatun MMO-RPG Game VeChain NFTs NFT Paper Wallet Game Play to Earn P2E metaverse buy land digital village

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