Metaversials NFT live on VeChain

Metaversials on the World of V NFT Marketplace. Metaversials is a collection of randomly generated NFTs that live on VeChain… and a unique alter-ego in Mevex.

Launch 1st generation: November 2021
Original supply: 100
Actual supply: 80 (mint was not sold out)
Mint Price: 1500 $VET

Metaversials Roadmap

2022 Dress Code

“My dress code for 2022, connecting the physical item with its digital twin , NFC+NFT = wearable NFTs. “You own it, you wear it!” only on #VeChain@Metaversials@worldofv_art#NFTs#NFT$VET” –

Dimitris Neocleous Ⓥ VeChain

Alter Ego Airdrop

Alter-ego | ONI

This is one of the dreamy alter-ego that will be airdropped to all Metadude GEN-0 holders