Bringing VeChain technology to America’s Family Farms! 

Arizonian Oatman Farms now utilizes VeChain & StoryBird, empowering their supply chain and marketing.

Oatman Farms™ is a fearless food company with a mission to revitalize and sustain family farms in hot and dry desert environments, including their own Oatman Flats Ranch, the Arizona farm that has been in their family for four generations.

“Our farm has been a vital gathering place for thousands of years, and a recent witness to the desertification and degradation of American farmland. We use regenerative, organic farming practices, grow heritage crops adapted to our soil and climate, and work with chefs and bakers to craft delicious products showcasing the purposefully-selected organic grains we grow at Oatman Flats. Eat fearlessly!™” 

J. Dax Hansen, Owner

As you can see on the back of the Blue Beard Durum & Skagit 1109 Bag, there’s a Story Bird QR code where you can follow the wheat’s journey. I’ll show you a real life picture once I receive mine 🙂

Follow the Wheats Journey

Click Here to follow the Wheats Journey

Oatman Farms, part of Producers Market

Blockchain Transparency Oatman farms Storybird vechain
Oatman Farms Bitcoin Tip Address
Blockchain Transparency Oatman farms Storybird vechain
From Oatman Farms

Interview Coming

I recently ordered some of Oatman Farms Blue Beard Durum Sourdough Bread Mix, tracked on VeChain. I will provide a review of the bread and a Q&A with Oatman Farms. Questions have already been submitted.

Click to see the journey of the Blue Beard Durum Sourdough Bread Mix

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