Paper NFT Wallet by NFT Paper Project

Paper NFT Wallet Features

There are several features in the Paper NFT Wallet, a great job by the creator of NFT Paper Project.

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  • Dashboard
  • Top Collectors
  • Top WoV Artists
  • Top Offers
  • Collection Unique Wallets
  • VeSea Markets

NFT Wallet

  • My Collection
  • Offers Made
  • Offers Received

Explore NFTs

NFT Wallet

Recent NFT Transfers and Purchases

From the Dashboard you can view recent NFT Transfers and Purchases across all VeChain NFT Marketplaces.

As of 2/3/22 there are: NFTs Indexed: 142,557 Wallets Indexed: 7,240. We’ll check back on this figure in a month or so.

Top 100 VeChain NFT Collectors

View the Top 100 VeChain NFT Collectors, NFT count grouped by publisher. Marketplaces include Paper NFTs, BlackVeMarket, VeSea, World of V, and other. I believe ‘other’ includes VPunks and VIMWorld.

Top World of V Artists

Top 50 World of V artists by number of unique wallets owning a piece of their artwork.

Make Offers On Any VeChain NFT Across All Marketplaces

As you can see, it’s now possible to make offers on World of V NFTs and all Marketplaces within the VeChain Ecosystem. Within the dashboard you can view Top Offers, the owner, Token ID, Edition, Collection, Creator, Publisher, and the Offer made.

Unique Wallets by Collection

Collection NFTs, Unique wallet ranking.

#1 VPunks a collection of 10,000 pieces with 1,589 unique collectors.

VeSea Markets

List of VeSea NFT Markets.

NFT Markets Included as of Feb 3, 2022: AstroVets, Galaxy, Guardians, Mad V Apes, New Pigs Order, Sacrificed VeKings, Undead VeKings, Universe, Universe Expanse, VeGhosts, VeGnomes, VeKings, VeKongs, veLoot, VeNerds, VeNerds Airdrops, VeSkullz, Veysarum, Victs, Vumanoids, Warbands.

NFT Wallet

This section will allow you to view all NFTs within your VeChain Wallet. The offers you’ve made on other NFTs and the offers you have received.

List of 100+ VeChain NFT Projects/Artists/Collections

List of 100+ VeChain NFTs and Marketplaces

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