You don’t buy VETPets, you adopt them!

VeChain VETPets are the hottest new 8bit NFT collection from the Vefam legend VETlieber limited to 250 custom pieces minted on the VeChain network! Where can you buy them? Check the VETPets overview for a thorough overview.

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VeChain NFT Community

Love them? Hate them? Don’t know what NFT stand for? However you feel about them, the NFT Community on VeChain has certainly caused a splash. Confused why VeChain members are getting excited about VETPets, VPunks, VIMWorld, World of V, and the others coming? Well I reached out to the community members of VETPets to see what they had to say about why they liked VETPets. Here’s what they had to say. 

Second week of October 2021, VETPets will be migrating over to World of V.

Parents of VETPets

Firstly, the community spirit, it’s electric. With sellers allocating % of their sales to donate to their VETPets respective charities I know I’m in the right place. Secondly, the customisation of the Pets themselves in combination with VETLiebers design talent, it’s a truly unique project. These NFTs are very personal to the holder and that’s something which is very hard to do.


VetPets VeChain NFT NFTs Vulcan Market Place VET VTHO gaming

Where shall I begin… Design  is unique and costume made, by only 250 made, it’s Vechain, its made by a real artist @VETlieber , it is only 3 weeks old, lots of support, lots of people want to have one…. One of a kind project with the best of the best community! There is still a lot comming and we are just @ the beginning… I can go on for a while, but I’m gona cut here!!! Just look at the designs…awsom! ??


VetPets VeChain NFT NFTs Vulcan Market Place VET VTHO gaming

VETPets is a unique project under the inspiring guidance of Vetlieber! I was lucky enough to be there in time and to contribute my own ideas, these were brilliantly developed into beautiful unique VETPets! I am very curious to see how the project develops and cherish my adopted pets.


VetPets VeChain NFT NFTs Vulcan Market Place VET VTHO gaming

I bought one because they‘re unique ? And there are only 250 of those.


VetPets VeChain NFT NFTs Vulcan Market Place VET VTHO gaming

I like it because i could give input how my vetpet should look and that’s what’s makes it unique and individual. I’m not aware of any other NFT project that gives the people the possibility to decide how their NFT should look like. 


I don’t like VETPets, I love VETPets! I love it because it gave me the opportunity to design a one of a kind, rare NFT on the VeChain blockchain and make  history.

And VETlieber has done a great job of building the community.


Because it comes directly from the artist. They are a purely organic project that’s value comes from the vechain communities pride. I see a lot of complaints about vechains lack of marketing. To me the best marketing comes from true passion for a project. The vefam has passion and what vetlieber is doing is passion marketing. I support it. The vefam support it.


Vechain is the family (Vefam), VETpets are the pets of this family. Pets are loved the same as family members. that makes this project unique inside the vechain community. Or as they say: you don’t buy a VETpet, you adopt one.


Because the Gen 1 are 250 limited and hand made by a skilful VET fan who just finished 2nd in the last Vechain contest! Potential is also massive when it comes to NFT adoption on the vechain blockchain


Original content & retro art


I like VetPets for a few of reasons:

The first is that I hadn’t seen anything like it before, it’s a fun and interesting idea with a vibrant and active community.

The second is that Vetlieber is a trustworthy and well known member of the VeChain Family, so I really have no qualms backing a project that he is heading up.

The third is that it’s built on VeChain and stored on the VeChain blockchain via an NFT wallet on Vulcan Forged. 

Finally, there’s a lot more to come the VetPets. I still remember the surprise and excitement the VPunk community had when VPU and staking were introduced. VetLieber has been hinting at some interesting developments to come, so I’m excited to see what direction he takes this project.


When you put the genius of VETlieber in such a limited collection , you realise that VETPets is a must HODL for every nft lover…


I fell in love with VETPets as soon as I saw it, the art just jumped out at me straight away, since its animals and custom made I couldn’t help but join in! VETLieber has done an absolutely amazing job with everything and I know that there is going to be massive things coming in the future that will make people love VETPets even more! The community pledging to donate a portion of their sales to charities involved with animals I feel adds an element of social responsibility that we definitely need more of in this world.


Let me compare it to music. Some type of music is loud and fast and makes your pulse rise. The other type of music is calm and slow and let’s your breath deepen. And Vetpets are the kind of music that brings you a wide grin on your face and gives you goosebumps.

I often say: unlimit the snacks! But with the vetpets I’m glad they are! 

With the vetpets it’s like with your own family – the reason they are limited makes them love you all the more.


Want to include your VETPets?

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