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Love them? Hate them? However you feel about them, the NFT Community on VeChain has certainly caused a splash. Confused why VeChain members are getting excited about VPunks, VETPets, VIMWorld, World of V, and the others coming? Ranging from community building, to the love of VeChain, to steaks, to $VPU the reasons why people choose to be a part of VPunks is as unique as their NFT itself. Take a look below.

A Thanks from GM of VeChain North America, Jason Rockwood.

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The Punks of VPunks

Hi, I’m Satoshi Milk and this is my VPunks story.

I’ve been involved in VeChain since 2017, during the VEN days. I had my convictions for the project given their execution with partnerships in the enterprise sector. I’ve seen and still see the long term vision for the company, and then along came VPunks. 

I wasn’t invested in NFTs prior to their release but the recent NFT sales and hype piqued my interest. I knew that the OG punks did well and this project was an homage to the original IP but with utility, and it was built on my favorite chain. Axie Infinity came to mind and then  it clicked—I’ve seen the potential and decided to dive in head first. I bought my first VPunk and was hooked, then I bought another and another, and…you get the idea.

I was blessed to have minted the #1 VPunk and then from then on I became engulfed in the project. I began engaging in the community Telegram, which had maybe 50 or so people at the time, and that was the start of my VPunk journey. 

Now I’m an administrator for the project with 6 other amazing human beings and we work daily to grow our favorite project/community into the #1 NFT brand in the industry. 

We’ve come a long way in a month’s time but the road ahead is long and we’re just getting started. So make sure to grab your ticket to Mars before launch at because you don’t want to miss this ride. Over and out✌?


* A very early project with already a community of ~1400 members after less than a month (joined after the minting unfortunately, the TG channel was made of only 400 guys)

* A huge potential for people who didn’t manage to catch the cryptopunk train and/or who are fed up to buy NFTs on ETH with high fees and long transaction waiting time

* Its unique $VPU token, currency which will help the platform to be maintained and will support the project’s growth

* Staking feature which incentivises people to either hold their VPU and VPunks or sell them at a higher price.

* Easy UI and UX to buy, exchange and follow auctions

* Easy integration with Sync 2 for wallet handling

* A performant dev team always open for suggestion and for making the project / community grow

* A solid roadmap bringing Challenges and Games for NFTs


VPunks VPunk VeSupplyChain NFT NFTs NFTCommunity CryptoPunks VeChain VET VTHO

I don’t even know man im just following the VeFam on this one tbh. The only reason i can come up with is  that the community is great???

About VeSupplyChain, “Nice its amazing to see people like u taking ur time to make these things. Makes hodling 100x more fun.”


VPunks VPunk VeSupplyChain NFT NFTs NFTCommunity CryptoPunks VeChain VET VTHO

It’s art. They are unique items with an aesthetic and financial value. They are collectibles.


VPunks VPunk VeSupplyChain NFT NFTs NFTCommunity CryptoPunks VeChain VET VTHO

Why I like Vpunks. Easy. Two words summarizes it for me “ COMMUNITY and OPPORTUNITIES “ ?


VPunks VPunk VeSupplyChain NFT NFTs NFTCommunity CryptoPunks VeChain VET VTHO

I really like vpunks because it shows the power of community and it’s influence with the ecosystem it’s apart of. Vpunks are more than NFTs. It’s vefam embracing a project that has so much potential. It’s really a community coming together and getting behind a it and contributing.


VPunks VPunk VeSupplyChain NFT NFTs NFTCommunity CryptoPunks VeChain VET VTHO

VPunks is an inspiring and fun community to be a part of, it is much more than a community, it is a wonderful family. It has been an incredibly fun and rewarding experience on so many levels. Not just financially. I have really enjoyed watching the project grow and am so lucky to own some VPunks and $VPU. The project has grown so fast and the developers behind the scenes are doing an amazing job creating an awesome user experience. There are constant improvements and the user experience keeps getting better and better. The marketplace is very easy to use and has incredibly low transaction costs since it runs on VechainThor and uses $VTHO for gas fees (which turns out to be pennies). I am truly excited about everything that is coming on the Roadmap. So much to look forward to including: challenges, games, customization features, partnerships, airdrops etc. VPunks is much more than CryptoPunks for example that are on the Ethereum blockchain. This is a NEXT LEVEL ecosystem! I am super proud to own VPunks, to be staking $VPU (at 30% APY) and to have one as my profile avatar. It is much more than just a limited edition “JPEG”. I love the Vechain ecosystem and community. As a long time investor and supporter of VeChainThor, I am so pumped that VPunks has been created and exists. VPunks has added so much to the Vechain ecosystem and can’t wait for what is coming. We are so pumped!! Let’s Go Vechain and let’s go VPunks & $VPU !!!! ???


VPunks VPunk VeSupplyChain NFT NFTs NFTCommunity CryptoPunks VeChain VET VTHO

Why I like VPunks…. VPunks have given me an opportunity to dive into the world of NFT’s for the first time. I feel extremely lucky that I have found VPunks and the community of dedicated and loyal members. VPunks capability to stake their native $VPU token and earn a percentage of 30% is vary rare and unique from what I have researched. It’s an amazing opportunity for myself to find this project as early as I did and be able to purchase VPunks and $VPU. With their roadmap to future gaming, challenges, new NFT introduction, there is a lot to look forward to. The low market caps will prove to move the price of $VPU higher as VPunks gain more mainstream traction and attention. I believe most of all the hard work and dedication of the devs and loyal members on Twitter and Telegram has made me proud to be a VPunk and VPU hodler.

And last but not least…. the VECHAIN BLOCKCHAIN IS FAR SUPERIOR IN MANY WAYS! The future of NFT minting, markets, exchanges, and transactions will prove this! Vechain is a as forward thinking as a blockchain can be. I appreciate the low FOMO approach that VeChain takes. I think it’s calculated, a lot of which other blockchains refuse to implement in their mindset and approach to the world.


VPunks VPunk VeSupplyChain NFT NFTs NFTCommunity CryptoPunks VeChain VET VTHO

When I look at a project the first thing I look for is use case. That’s why I’m so bullish on Vechain. I believe Vechain can change the world from its utility and offer the fastest, cheapest transactions available. VPunks is a perfect example of this. I am not aware of another NFT that is stakeable, let alone for 30% APY. Vpunks has UTILITY and use case! what other NFT out there does that?  I’m so proud to be apart of it.  People are sleeping on vechain/Vpunks/VPU token and the potential vechain has in the NFT/DAPP sector.


VPunks VPunk VeSupplyChain NFT NFTs NFTCommunity CryptoPunks VeChain VET VTHO

Steaks ?


VPunks VPunk VeSupplyChain NFT NFTs NFTCommunity CryptoPunks VeChain VET VTHO

The reason why I love Vpunks is one, I love the Vechain project and the utility they’re trying to bring to the real world. I love the fact, Vpunks is the first nft project on vthor blockchain, I love the community a lot full of great people, cheap gas fees, and the only project I know where you can stake your nfts for passive income. In addition I like how we will get to use our nfts in the upcoming video and challenges. I believe this will be a great way to give back to the Vechain system as a long term investor


VPunks VPunk VeSupplyChain NFT NFTs NFTCommunity CryptoPunks VeChain VET VTHO

The fact that they teased utility right away and allowed us to stake vpu soon after minting had me sold I’m excited for the roadmap to come to fruition.


We are here to compete with big brother crypto punks. Unlike our brother, we eat stake and earn some vpu while we hodl. Staking, gallery, games, challenges, tokenomics, and roadmap features are very unique and ahead of it’s time. Vpunks makes me smile.


I like to belong to community where vechain is the core of this community. Vpunks for me is my vechain identity.


When I first seen VPunks I was instantly interested! I knew that Vechain would thrive off of VPunks because of their extremely quick mint in just 8 days. I was late to the punch, and had to buy in the Dutch auction section. Which was not a bad play at all! I purchased my first VPunk for 2250VET. In only 20 days of holding this NFT it sold for 35000VET! I have reinvested my money into their coin ($VPU) and I know this project will blow up soon! VPunks to the moon!!! 


I believe in the Vechain ecosystem, VPU could have great utility, and if you missed punks on eth, then this is your 2nd chance to grab one at an affordable price!


I see a bright future for VeChain, and as the first NFT to be deployed on the blockchain, I wanted to take part in history. Turned out to be a profitable decision; and the community is amazing – lots of helpful folks having fun and supporting each other’s quest for financial freedom.


The NFT space is booming right now and having the opportunity to purchase through the VeChain blockchain with low transaction fees with VTHO is absolutely game changer! I love the opportunity to stake your VPunk with VPU as well to continually earn passive income on your asset! Finally, what was most surprising about what I like about VPunks was the COMMUNITY! Everyone is friendly and the culture is great! If you haven’t picked a VPunk yet, pick one up and hop on in!


#NFTs are booming right now but before #VPunks the VeChain blockchain felt a little empty on the #NFT side. 

With the release of #VPunks, fun was brought back to the $VET ecosystem in the form of collectible #NFTs. 

Not just fun ofcourse because #VPunks was a perfect showcase of VeChain’s strength; we had near instant minting, low fees and a friendly community! 

Also many #VeFam members have been looking for ways to increase the APY on their holdings, $VPunks utility served just this; a high rate APY whilst remaining in the VeChain ecosystem. 

On top of that VPunks brought in many new members to the #VeFam, people who are likely to stay now that more projects are building on VeChain! 

VPunks wasn’t the first NFT project on VeChain but it raised awareness for VeChain’s NFT suitability from outside the community and now we have more and more projects starting, for that i am grateful!


I like vPunks because they are the first ever NFTs on the VeChain blockchain. The vPunks roadmap is also looking ?


I think have very funny community and the 30% APY for stake the VPU are awesome too!


Vpunks bringing Nft to the next level when you can stake, challenge and game..Extremely different with other punks in the market. Most important thing is you can close your eyes when you pay tx fee.. 🙂 this is a good thing for people to know.


I originally purchased my VPunk to include it in the VeChain Video contest video, this was my cowboy/farmer. At the time, this was the only Cowboy available. However, I stayed for the community. Satoshi Milk and the team have created something unique and I am glad to be a part of it.


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