Simply HODLing $VET in your wallet, or in some exchanges, allows you to generate $VTHO at a predetermined velocity rate, 0.000432 $VTHO per $VET per day. Staking.

Binance.US for example is known for paying out $VTHO on the 15th of every month, other exchanges may not pay out at all. Make sure to check if you hold your $VET in an exchange. allows you to lock up your $VET up to 3 months in order to generate 2% P.A. in $VET.

Exchanges may offer higher or lower % depending on the exchange and the requirements, be sure to check and decide what decision is best for you.

Best VeChain Wallets

If $VET is held in an official VeChain wallet, or Ledger cold storage, $VTHO will be generated automatically. 

For Example: If you HODL 10,000 $VET, you will accumulate 4.32 $VTHO per day in the Official VeChain Wallets.

Buy VeChain VET/VTHO Today

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