Stoner Punks Official NFT on World of V Marketplace

StonerPunks is that memory that warms your heart, a moment in which the adult in you comes back in tune with the child you were. Available on World of V Marketplace, VeChain NFTs.

From their World of V profile, “Do not miss our fantastic collection of StonerPunksOfficialNFT, you will also have the chance to win VeChainNFT Official and much more …. The new exceptional collection is coming and News to make you lose your breath !!! A tip take surf lessons, this will be a crazy wave…..”

StonerPunksOfficialNFT Roadmap

Donation to Children’s Charities

Stoner-balls are waiting for you in the @worldofv_art marketplace in our profile.Price 100 $VET. Your contribution is very important to make #Christmas better for many children.All proceeds will be donated to children’s #Charities, in collaboration with VeBalls.

Christmas Drop for World of V Community Event

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