Sunny Lu Speaks with Anthony O’Callaghan of it@cork

Thanks eisenreich for the YouTube video!

Louis Vuitton Bags to VeChain Blockchain

June 23, 2021

Sunny Lu and Anthony O’Callaghan

  • Sunny Lu’s background/experience; previous CIO @ Louis Vuitton. Now CEO of VeChain
  • 2012/2013 writes to Louis Vuitton to accept Bitcoin as payment, (un)fortunately proposal not accepted.
  • With CIO and other professional background background, Sunny has unique advantage knowing how to speak both languages; business and technology. 90% can only speak tech.
  • Principle; do use case first. Do something different in this crypto space. Use case drives product and a product drives technology. Not the other way around. Think this is one of the competitive advantages of VeChain in crypto space. 
  • VeChain still startup, entire crypto space, too. Crypto space is changing super fast, maybe three times faster than even the internet. Have to keep two things in mind: keeping up with those changes and being adaptive to those changes. Follow, know what’s going on in market and make decision. second. stake in what you believe and keep going. Believe tech can bring tremendous value to real world. 
  • Balancing act of solid foundation and risky moves. Lean more towards solid foundation.
  • Enterprise world, things take time. 
  • Carbon: 20minutes in. I’ll stop here and let you go watch more 😉 

In summary, nothing bold or risky here. As VeChain is practicing, more of a solid foundation video, and reiterates that. As I’ve said before, VeChain focuses on quality of quantity it seems and does not sacrifice the long term goals for short term wins. 

Love hearing Sunny talk though, such young, creative, inspiring, and powerful energy.

What were your thoughts on the video?