Minting at 20:00 UTC, on Nov. 30, 2021.


VeBalls are extremely excited about the upcoming minting event so we would like to share some new and existing details with you.

Veballs is a happy collection of Christmas balls that you can hold or share with loved ones in the festive month of December. It’s your opportunity to get your family, friends or colleagues introduced to the awesome world of #NFTs and #Crypto. How cool is that?

A total of 5,000 Veballs will be minted for a fixed price of 300 $VET per mint. The minting price is a flat-rate, meaning that it doesn’t matter if you mint right when minting starts or when almost all Veballs have been minted, the price is always 300 $VET. We also have 78 lottery prizes (crazy, right?) which, if you think about it, makes it almost hard not to win! The more you mint the bigger the chance you win a prize. All prizes will be paid out in $VET to the wallet you minted with (prizes will be paid out in the second half of December).

Once minted there will be a one week grace period before the grand reveal of your Veballs but trading on the World of V NFT Markerplace will be possible immediately.

Will you be one of the lucky few to mint a Veball with a Golden V?

Minting date

Minting World of V marketplace at 20:00 UTC, on Nov. 30, 2021.


As this is a community driven project we want is to be accessible for everyone. So we have decided to fix the minting price of Veballs on 300 Vet. No tiers just one price for everybody.


We will be minting a maximum of 5.000 Veballs.


At the moment we are releasing 5.000 Veballs.

They will be divided in 4 categories:

  • Flags → 3.960
  • Moons → 480
  • Animal Skins → 400
  • Lightning → 160

Main category country flags

There will be 220 flags available each having 18 Veballs, the total of Veballs flag category will be 3.960.

Every flag will be divided in 4 editions:

  • Standard Flag with no V → 9 editions
  • Special Flag with standard VeChain V → 5 editions
  • Special Flag with Disco V → 3 editions
  • Special Flag with golden V → 1 editions
Example of different versions. Background color might still change for different versions.

Second category Moon

There will be 2 moons available each having 340 Veballs, the total of Veballs moon category will be 480.

Moon colors:

  • White Moon
  • Red moon

Every moon will be divided in 4 editions:

  • Moon with no V → 105 editions
  • Moon with standard VeChain V → 80 editions
  • Moon with Disco V → 30 editions
  • Moon with golden V → 25 editions

Special category Animal skins

There will be 4 animal skins available each having 100 Veballs, the total of Veballs animal skins category will be 400.

The animal skins that will be available are:

Giraffe, Zebra, Leopard and Elephant.

Every animal skin will be divided in 4 editions:

  • Skin with no V → 40 editions
  • Skin with standard VeChain V → 35 editions
  • Skin with Disco V → 15 editions
  • Skin with golden V → 10 editions

Special category Lightning

There will be 1 lightning edition available with 160 Veballs.

This edition will be divided in 4 editions:

  • Lightning with no V → 80 editions
  • Lightning with standard VeChain V → 45 editions
  • Lightning with Disco V → 25 editions
  • Lightning with golden V → 10 editions

Special Card Claim

Collect all 220 flags and this will be yours! Go to their discord to claim.

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