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VeChain Coinbase

How come VeChain is not listed on Coinbase yet?

  • I knew this question would pop-up, lol. We are still in conversation but NDA doesn’t allow me to say anything about it. sorry.

Do you care to be listed on Coinbase anymore?

  • Of course. Why wouldn’t?

How big is VeChain’s exposures in China? Are you worried that China may adopt its own china developed SOEs instead of by private business in the future, just like what they are trying to do with digital currency area?

  • VeChain is very reputable in China. If you ever come over, you will find out by yourself. And China Gov is very supportive and encouraging blockchain applications to serve the real business cases which is unique strength of VeChain. And I worried nothing.

What part is VeChain playing with BYD new blade battery technology?

  • Wow, you are very resourceful to know that. Like I mentioned, we need to respect the policy of partners. I am sure they will announce it when they are ready.

We are seeing a huge number of VTHO clauses on the main net. Can you give us any clarification on that?

  • Applications, applications, applications, and I expects 100 times more

What are your thoughts about AntChain doing SaaS for Carbon tracking?

  • Well, I think it’s good to have more players in the market which is massively huge. It proves the strategy and direction VeChain is working on (the big players like Ant Finance is following and joining).

After the most awaited PoA2, what’s next for VeChain?

  • Ecological ecosystems and expansions globally.

What direct plans do you have for OceanEX?

  • OceanEX is running at their own like any other ecosystem projects. For sure, they are in the VeChain ecosystem and supported by VeChain Foundation like others as well.

Verify roadmap is still on pace? Growth phase starts in 2022-2024 and maturity 2025+?

  • Yes

How did VeChain get it’s name? And what is the most important thing your everyday person like us can do to really drive VeChain adoption?

I gave the name as Ve-rification Blockchain as VeChain back to 2015/16. And very importantly, at that time, VeChain.com was available!

Are you trying to integrate VeChain into more European companies?

  • Yes for sure. Actually, I am planning the first trip to be Europe next month as the first oversea trip after pandemic

Is the vote for PoA 2.0 SURFACE upgrade expected to take place this year?

  • Phase I will be in this year.
  • Update from Twitter

What other coins do you hold other than VeChain?

  • BTC. VeChain was funded by BTC mining in my early crypto days.

Some members of the community are critical of VeChain’s marketing, especially in the US. Do you plan a marketing refresh?

  • I really appreciate all of the help and support from community. And VeChain’s marketing team has been working quite well considering the fact of community growth happened in the past years from 0 today. Twitter is definitely not the whole world. We have done lots of things beyond Twitter like reddit, telegram, and etc. For sure, we also heard the voices from community as the improvement motivations.

Will there be a physical VeChain event again?

  • Yes. I am expecting fade-away of covid situations and we could start to plan that right after.

What impact do you see dApps having on VeChain in regards to bringing awareness to the efficiency and scalability of the

  • I would say value delivery to the real business cases will bring more awareness to future users and cases. As matter of fact, we get more leads from the references we have done before.

Are VeChain currently in contact with many companies and enterprises in North America? without delving too much past NDA, hope you can give an answer to some extent

  • VeChain has US operations and cases. Again, we have to respect the policy and plan from our partners and users.

Can you please be more active on twitter sharing VeChain updates?

  • Roger that. I will try my best. But my job also includes managing team and delivering.

There are a lot of NFT art projects that decide to build on VeChain, is there an NFT Marketplace in the works?

  • We have been talking to several marketplaces about that including crypto.com, oceanex, and etc.

Is there a VeChain native NFT Marketplace planned? Does the Foundation work on one, or only community projects? Would love to mint art on a native one.

  • sorry, guys, it’s very late close to mid-night here. and I have early meeting tomorrow morning.

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