What is vechain.energy?

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Fee Delegation is the magic that teleports users from web2 to web3. Fee Delegation allows developers to build applications that just work.

VeChain offers this unique feature allowing two parties to sign the same transaction. The original user and someone who is willing to pay for the transaction. Allowing everyone to interact with the blockchain while someone else pays and handles the crypto-voodooo.

vechain.energy works on top as a simple API that allows to use Fee Delegation like the famous plug & play.

  1. Sign In to vechain.energy
  2. Create a “Sponsorship”
  3. Deposit some VTHO to your Sponsorship-Wallet
  4. Add one line of code to pass gas costs to your Sponsorship:

const tx = await connex.vendor.sign(‘tx’, clauses)

.delegate(‘https://sponsor.vechain.energy/by/#’) // <– add this line

.comment(‘This is a Test Transaction’)


All transactions are paid by the “Sponsorship”-Wallet and your VTHO deposited to it.

This can be repeated for every project, single tasks or to share a VTHO-Pool with others. Future posts will cover use-cases with examples.

Are you curious? You are welcome to have a look at vechain.energy:

MainNet with real VTHO Usage: https://vechain.energy

– or –

TestNet with play-money: https://testnet.vechain.energy

While you test drive, please let us know any feedback. We are grateful for every feedback on our new project and want to create an awesome developer-tool.