VeChain Builds Government Traceability Platform

A VeChain Government Traceability Platform comes as no surprise. VeChain has enabled use cases to be acquired since 2019, ranging from top 10 ranked supply chain company Walmart, to downstream supply chain partners such as farmers. Now a Government Traceability Platform For The Ongnuid Banner Region, Inner Mongolia, China. Their unique dual token model, $VET/$VTHO aims to allow for the previous volatility of cryptocurrency prices to be a limiting factor in enterprise adoption. 

Each partnership and decision VeChain makes seems well calculated. VeChain Focuses on quality over quantity and doesn’t sacrifice the long term results for short term gains. Gartner’s 2019 Hype Cycle Shows Most Blockchain Technologies Are Still Five to 10 Years Away From Transformational Impact. Is VeChain on track? I believe so.

In 2020, VeChain Joined China Animal Health And Food Safety Alliance (CAFA) As Council Member To Provide Blockchain Technology For Enterprise Members. Also in 2020, VeChain became The Sole Public Blockchain Protocol Of The APAC Provenance Council — A Cross-continental Food Supply Chain & Finance Consortium. Established to integrate blockchain technology into the food supply chain finance in Australia-China trades. 

Benefit of Tracing The Selected Products

In early 2021, the rice, millet, sunflower, beef and lamb of Ongnuid Banner region were approved as geographically landmarked products. Accordingly, VeChain’s blockchain solution will be applied to these products on an ongoing basis. Raw foods of animal origin are the most likely to be contaminated; fruits and vegetables also may get contaminated. While certain foods are more likely to make you sick, any food can get contaminated. This includes in the field, during processing, or during other stages in the food production chain. Including through cross-contamination with raw meat in kitchens.

QR code Scanned

Enterprises can log in and manage the entirety of their product ranges on-chain, uploading data associated with operations from across the whole supply chain as well and review historical data. 

The platform was purposefully designed to be simple to join and operate, with clearly labelled catalogs and instructions that serve to significantly lower barriers for rural businesses. Vechain’s ToolChain™ makes mass adoption of blockchain possible even in rural environments, a technology often associated with high complexity. 

For the end user, there is a highly detailed landing page that provides an overview of company profiles, product details, the process of production, quality test reports, traceability of ingredients and the item’s on-chain TXID. 

You can visit this site that the QR code is going to and see the Product Process, Quality Inspection Information, Product Raw Materials, Blockchain deposit certificate.

“You are able to scan the QR code on those products and see the info page. Hidden in the sourcecode are the TXIDs pointing to the #vechain blockchain. Again actual usage of blockchain technology. Happy digging.” – @MiRei83_


So far, 12 enterprises have been successfully connected to the agricultural traceability platform, the first batch of merchants to be empowered by the platform. 

“In terms of transactions, every step of the process generates TXs. The scale of this project is massive. First batch of products are already live. A live event will be held today by the Inner Mongolian government to commemorate the launch. We’ll be sharing photos from the event!” -VeChain Foundation


VeChain in the Food Industry coming soon.

It’s fascinating seeing 12 enterprises already using this traceability platform that was commissioned to be built in early 2021. I can’t wait to see what 2022 and beyond holds.


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