VeChain Trusted by Premium Fresh Meat Dog Food Brand

Against the overall market downturn from the global pandemic, China’s pet food industry bucked the trend with notable growth.

The China pet food market was valued at USD 1,082.0 million in 2020, and it is projected to reach USD 1,474.9 million in 2026, registering a CAGR of 3.8% during the forecast period, 2021-2026. Dogs have always been the preferred pets globally and account for a large chunk of the Chinese pet food revenue. China ranks third in terms of dog ownership, with more than 27 million dogs as pets in 2018.

I’ve seen dog food labels say where the products have originated from and their testing, but I have yet to see a dog food provide visibility into their supply chain through blockchain technology. Until now.

Utilizing VeChainThor Blockchain ensures trust and transparency of the Wang Wang At Home dog food.

Some key advantages of Blockchain:

  • Immutability – data stored on the ledger is virtually impossible to tamper.
  • Transparent – blockchains allow anyone with access rights to scrutinize the data.
  • Auditable – every transaction in a blockchain can be traced. 
  • Fast settlement – no longer do you have to wait 3-5 days with weekends shutdown.
  • Low Cost – previous overhead removed.
  • More than simply crypto currency altcoins – smart contracts, chain of custody, and supply chain data such as temperature recording just to name a few.

By scanning the QR Code attached on the package, all dog owners can view relevant traceability information backed by the VeChainThor blockchain and be assured that Wang Wang At Home maintains a very rigid and standardized program under a reliable hazard analysis and critical control points (AAFCO) management system.

VeChain x Wang Wang At Home

Sophie Ma, Founder & CEO of Wang Wang At Home, says, “VeChain’s SaaS offering is like an easy blockchain portal, with relatively low cost and high efficiency. By leveraging immutable and transparent data provided by the blockchain, we are now able to ensure our customers that all incoming raw materials are of the highest quality standards and that they have been properly handled throughout the supply chain. It is critical for competitiveness in the current Chinese market.”

Yvette Xia, CMO of VeChain, commented that, “In the new digital era, blockchain can exceed its value as a traceability technology. VeChain’s Food Safety Traceability SaaS is uniquely positioned to help enterprises to bring the conversation with customers around to a more positive outlook. Easy-to-use standard service enables all brands, no matter how small the business is, to capture value by tailoring approaches to blockchain to their market position.”

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