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Before the giveaway, VeChain community members of VPunks, VETPets, and VIMWorld were asked, “Why do you love X*” As part of this giveaway, you’ll get the opportunity to learn why VeChain community members are getting excited about VETPets, VPunks, VIMWorld, and World of V. One way you’ll earn entries is from reviewing their responses. World of V hasn’t launched yet, so we’ll give you an entry for reviewing what they’re all about. I’ve been asked several times since publishing this, “What’s your favorite” or “Which one makes you the most excited” to which I’ve answered, “Each project is unique in their own right. I hope they all succeed.”

Hopefully the overviews on each project that have been compiled and the feedback from community members will help you in deciding which community project you would like to join. The overviews are quite in depth, I advise you take your time reading through them, as I said, they’re all unique in their own right.

Special thank you to each project for their donation to make this giveaway possible.



NFT: VPunk 5519


You will get a VETPets, here are some examples of completed ones below.

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Philippe Diamant, The Special IVO VIM with resilience treasures; Tier F.

World of V

Given the way World of V operates, it’s not possible to confirm which card you will receive before launch. Therefore, a random World of V card will be awarded from World of V.

VeChain VeFam

You may choose to either have a physical or NFT of the painting below, not both. NFT minting will either be on Vulcan Forge or a future VeChain NFT Marketplace. Painting is on a 8x10x1.5″ canvas. Free Shipping within the United States, winner pays shipping outside if physical is chosen.

Entry Frequency

Daily Frequency: Each night at midnight, daily entries are reset. For example, with a daily entry if an entrant enters at 2PM, they can enter again after midnight for an additional entry. Each day the entry form will automatically reset so the user can fill it out and submit it again for an additional entry.


Winners will be chosen automatically by the ViralSweep service and will be shown here for all to see when the contest ends. First place will be able to choose what NFT they want first, then second place, then third place, and finally fourth. In order to not keep everyone waiting, winners will only have 48 hours to respond, so please mark this on your calendars. If you do not respond, we will move on to the next person and you will forfeit your spot. At the end if needed, a new winner(s) will be drawn.

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  1. Thank you very much for all the work of building this platform. Then again thank you for starting to build a community to help push this project to the next phase.
    Sept the 19th is my birthday.. so it would be very nice to win ????
    Thank you very much from New Zealand. ?

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