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Curation of NFT Marketplace Projects from VeChain NFTs on the VeChainThor Blockchain. Overviews, Guides, Where to Buy/Sell, Marketplaces, How to Mint/Create/Make, Price, What is NFT art, and more.

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World of V

The first green, zero-cost NFT platform focusing on Art built on the VeChain blockchain #GreenNFTs.

First let’s rewind to July 27th, 2021 to the World of V Grant application where the team stated, “Use Multi-clauses & Fee delegation to Pay for the creator using the platform when minting the NFTs, that’s the coolest feature we are excited about using VeChain. We hope to ease the steps of purchasing and selling by using the MTT feature (approve, transfer in one transaction using multi-clauses).”

I would say World of V, or TheCollectors as they named their team back then, have definitely eased the steps of purchasing and selling NFTs on their Marketplace. Great option.

Learn how to mint VeChain NFTs, buy, sell, and collect.

World of V CollectionsGenesis & VeHashes

VeChain VET VTHO Where to buy VeChainThor Logo Blockchain Crypto Cryptocurrency Where to buy VeChain VET VTHO in the US World of V
World of V Genesis Collection
VeHashes VeChain PFP NFT
World of V – VeHashes


Discover Collect & Sell VeChain NFTs on VeSea, VeChain’s newest digital NFT marketplace.

VeChain NFT Collections on including but not limited to: VEKING, MAD Ⓥ-APE , GALAXY PORTRAIT, VeGhosts, Veysarum, VeKongs, Galaxy Portraits, Vumanoids, Universe, AstroVets, VeSkullz, Warbands, VeNerds, New Pigs Order, VeLoot, Victs.

VeSea Collection: VeKings

VeKings VeChain NFT NFTs VET VTHO VeChainNFT
VeSea – VeKings


VPunks NFT VeChain vNFT

The #1 NFT project developed on VeChainThor. Integrating gaming and tokenization into an 8-Bit ecosystem.

VPunks is an homage to the original cryptopunks but with utility for long term growth and user retention.

VPunks integrates gaming and tokenization—offering staking and liquidity pools for long term rewards/dividends in return for supporting the ecosystem. It’s a cross between NFTs and decentralized finance, with gamification as the underlying business model. 

$VPU is the VPunks token. It launched a month ago at 3 cents and has already reached 47.44 cents following the staking feature release 2 weeks ago. They’re growing exponentially and it’s all organic growth through word of mouth amongst the VeChain community. #VeFam.

Check out our recent VPunks Overview and get to know the Punks of VPunks to hear what people have to say about VPunks.

VPunks NFT VeChain VET VTHO Where to buy VeChainThor Logo Blockchain Crypto Cryptocurrency Where to buy VeChain VET VTHO in the US World of V


VIMWorld VeChain NFT

VIMworld is a revolutionary smart non-fungible token (Smart NFT) ecosystem, shaping the future of both physical and digital goods transformation. Since August 2020, they’ve developed a digital collectible platform where users can care, feed, grow, and trade their beloved VIMs that are created by talented artists around the world. 

In a short few months during the pandemic, they’ve have attracted a global community of a few thousand to play and love our revolutionary product and vision.

Read the PPP

$VEED is the ecosystem utility and governance token of VIMWorld, a Smart NFT ecosystem built on VeChainThor focused on VIM collectibles. The VEED token is used for a variety of utilities within the VIMWorld Ecosystem, including VIM feeding, trading, adoption, farming, rewards, governance, and more.

Read The Full Article, VIMworld VeChainThor Blockchain Revolutionary NFT Ecosystem

Read what VIMers think of VIMWorld here

It was confirmed in the last AMA, September 2021, Sunny Lu owns a VIM.

NFT Paper Project

An interactive experience that contains 11,880 unique pieces of procedurally generated art, living both in the physical and digital worlds.

NFTs are available for minting and the canvas factory creates downloadable templates for cutting machines, giving everyone the ability to create a physical twin.

Black VeMarket

Discover Collect And Sell Extraordinary VNFTs. Digital Marketplace For VNFT Collectibles. Buy, Sell, And Discover Exclusive Digital Assets.