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VeChain nodes X-Node economic Node Strength

Economic nodes and X-node ownerships are represented by non-fungible (NFT) tokens. These collectibles prove the ownership of stakeholders and smart contracts can interact with the respective statuses.

The VeChain Economic and X-node program offers stability to the VeChain ecosystem and acts as a distribution of power and privilege within the blockchain’s economy.

The Economic nodes and the X-nodes are two different staking node types, which have different characteristics and benefits. Learn More

San Marino COVID-19

San Marino COVID-19 eNFT

VeChain’s eNFT vaccination passport was mentioned in a recent Forbes article. “Blockchain allows for the creation of a unique tool for securely sharing health care information.”


VPunks VPunk VeChain CryptoPunks VeChainThor Blockchain Games Gaming NFTGame VPU Where to buy VeChain VET VTHO
VPunks Overview

VPunks is an homage to the original cryptopunks but with utility for long term growth and user retention. 

VPunks integrates gaming and tokenization—offering staking and liquidity pools for long term rewards/dividends in return for supporting the ecosystem. It’s a cross between NFTs and decentralized finance, with gamification as the underlying business model. 

$VPU is the VPunks token. It launched a month ago at 3 cents and has already reached 47.44 cents following the staking feature release 2 weeks ago. They’re growing exponentially and it’s all organic growth through word of mouth amongst the VeChain community. #VeFam. 

Punks of VPunks – Hear what the community has to say on why they love VPunks.


VETPets VeChain NFT NFTs VeChainThor Blockchain
VetPets VeChain NFT NFTs Vulcan Market Place VET VTHO gaming
VETPets Overview

VETPets are the hottest new 8bit NFT collection from the Vefam legend VETlieber limited to 250 custom pieces minted on the VeChain network! 

First Animal Collection 8-Bit NFTs. Uploaded at Vulcan Forged.

Parents of VETPets – Hear what adopting parents have to say about their beloved VETPets.

World of V

World of V’s goal is to create an integrated ecosystem that allows digital content creators to share their work in an engaging, fun way. Whether you’re a NFT artists or a VeFam member, our platform will offer everyone the opportunity to bring your art to life and reach a broader audience.

Currently consisting of

  • Genesis 2021
  • VeHashes

Genesis 2021

World Of V unique NFT trading cards collection featuring VeChain's journey around the world seen by the eyes of different artists.
World of V NFT Game VeChain WoV Token Art
World of V Overview

World Of V unique NFT trading cards collection featuring VeChain’s journey around the world seen by the eyes of different artists.

The Genesis 2021 collection is a set of 200 unique NFTs, 10,000 in total at a price of 800 VET each (each with a mint number that will distinguish it from the others.), introducing a combination of digital art and collectibles with a value hierarchy determined by both the creator and the consumer of the artwork. $WoV

World of V is a unique project and the first of its kind running on the VechainThor Network. The scope of World of V, is to create a unique community that will allow the collectors to be part of an exclusive club. Holding a World of V NFT will serve as a special “ticket” to have the possibility and take part in various exclusive projects.


VeHashes, the first World of V PFP Collection on the VeChain Blockchain! A new journey in the Vechain NFT ecosystem is about to begin!

VeHashes is their first PFP collection of 10,000 unique NFTs featuring a fun, creative visual style. The collection celebrates the VeFam community by giving life to the beloved V’s: get ready to rock your favorite V-shaped avatar and share the love for VeChain across your social media!

Each VeHash comes with its own sparkling personality: some of them might share specific traits, but each one is different from the other. Thanks to a unique combination of designs, backgrounds, skins and special symbols, each VeHash will possess different rarity traits that will make the game super-entertaining.


VIMworld VIM NFT NFTs Smart contracts NFT Community

VIMworld is a revolutionary non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem that creates a space where entrepreneurship and play combine and thrive. At the core of VIMworld are VIMs themselves, each one unique and permanent. VIMs are Smart NFTs that will deliver an immutable system of authentication, allowing their owners to both store and build value through play whilst building meaningful connections with others.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique digital tokens that are non-interchangeable, non-hackable and powered by public blockchains.

Virtually Integrated Metadata, or VIMs, are Smart NFTs currently residing on the VeChainThor public blockchain and form the core of the VIMworld meta-system. VIMs are characters in an expansive universe that come with their own diverse backgrounds, lore and bespoke artwork. VIMs are naturally suited to various gaming and interactive experiences due to their gamified nature and their verifiable scarcity, which make them ideal collectibles, able to command value in the markets. $VEED

VIMers – Hears what some of the community members have to say about VIMWorld.

Digital Village

Digital Village VeChain Multiplayer Metaverse

Built with digital sustainability principles in mind, (the reason they chose VeChain) Digital Village (DV) is a recomposition of social media, gaming and e-commerce. DV is the first real-time Sustainable Multiplayer Metaverse connected to its Social Marketplace, which merges the physical and digital world with its own social blockchain interface, Village Protocol, and allows the real utility of digital assets in a metaverse going beyond scarcity and reputation. Digital Village metaverse will create hundreds of use cases for NFTs and enable users to import and actually use them within games, events and experiences in DV metaverse. DV applies human-centric design principles to create a Metaverse through the blockchain-based Metaprofiles powered by The Village Protocol Social System, connecting users through the marketplace to the DV MMO, connecting users with physical environments through their digital footprints. 

Mad Viking Games – MVG

Mad Viking Games NFT VeChain

Mad Viking Games believes blockchain gaming is the future. They are creating a blockchain-based gaming platform with a new kind of NFTs.

Future will crosschain functionality with Ethereum network, in order to broaden the reach of the platform. However, VeChain will still be their main network.

Presenting high quality blockchain based games, with a new breeding and aging system, together with an interactive NFT interface. In order to participate in the MVG ICO, Mad Viking Games require you to do a simple KYC.

Vulcan Forged

Vulcan Forged VeChain Blockchain NFT

Premium blockchain game studio, cross-chain NFT marketplace. Makers of @vulcanverse. Fueled by $PYR. With all 70,000 of their NFTs including Vulcan Verse on VeChain

The cost per NFT to mint is 1 $PYR. now Anyone Can Create Their own NFT Collection, dApp, or Digital Art from Any Device with ZERO gas fees with Agora.


VeKings NFT Blockchain VeChain

9,999 Original, Randomly Generated Viking and Valkyrie NFTs located at VeChainThor Blockchain.

VeKings NFT series was created by a group of long-time friends and VeChain supporters (XNode holders from VEN days!), under NFT collaboration label VeSea.

Using complex algorithms to generate combinations of over 185 hand-drawn traits, not only is this collection aesthetically impressive, but they’ve worked hard to introduce design & character-based rarity traits that create a high level of collectibility.

War has broken out across The Metaverse. Apes, penguins, and punks are forming a coalition along the borders of Etheria, with their sights set on world domination. At the same time, other factions form in nearby lands. Deep within Jungle Sol, monkeys and apes have come together behind their shared god-emperor: SBF. High above the trees on the summit of Mt. Avalanche, apes bolster their defenses with pangolins.

The story is different in VeLand, where The VeChain Empire has been weakened by continuous discord. Our mighty clans – Auponly, Folsung, Turlungar, and Siklir – have been overtaken with infighting, and must be quickly brought together. Help the clans by choosing how many vikings & valkyries to unite during minting.