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List of NFT Projects from VeChain NFTs on the VeChainThor Blockchain. Overviews, Guides, FAQ, Drops, News, Roadmaps, Where to Buy/Sell, Marketplaces, How to Buy/Mint/Create/Make NFTs, Price, What is NFT art, NFT wallets, NFT games, NFT music, and much more.

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Marketplace Index

Helpful Resources Index

  • Paper NFT Wallet – Explore all your NFTs across all Marketplaces on VeChain and much much more
  • World of V NFT Tools– Useful set of tools for World of V Artists and Collectors
  • VeTools – Useful set of tools for VeChain NFT auctions and Vexchange charts
  • Non-Fungible News – Interviews, articles, and everything VeChain NFTs
  • Chudnufski MⓋG – YouTbe, main focus is MVG, YouTube channel for MVG, VeChain, and Crypto News

Relevant Twitter Space Hosts

Virtual Flame Twitter Space: Mondays @ 3PM EST

The Bread and Bomber Show @ 2100 UTC Every week.

Lucio & Crypt0hipp0 & Lahens Martin

StocktwitsNFTs Tuesdays 1pm EST and Wednesdays 1pm EST

Metatun Game

Role-playing P2E game built on Roblox where each player takes on the role of a unique Metatun and goes on an adventure with pets and weapons to collect materials and treasures to rebuild its home.

The goal is to build an open and collaborative meta-universe platform supporting third-party NFTs and unite individual NFT projects to form a larger game meta-universe.

Pre-sale for whitelisted members starts on 6 May 2022 00:00hrs UTC

Public Sale on 8 May 2022 00:00hrs UTC

Upcoming VeChain NFT Drops

World of V

World of V’s goal is to create an integrated ecosystem that allows digital content creators to share their work in an engaging, fun way. Whether you’re a NFT artists or a VeFam member, their platform will offer everyone the opportunity to bring your art to life and reach a broader audience.

The first green, zero-cost NFT platform focusing on Art built on the VeChain blockchain #GreenNFTs.

This is not an exhaustive list*

World of V Marketplace

Voted Number one platform on VeChain, World of V uses Multi-clauses & Fee delegation to Pay for the creator using the platform when minting the NFTs, that’s the coolest feature the team was excited about using VeChain. They hope to ease the steps of purchasing and selling by using the MTT feature (approve, transfer in one transaction using multi-clauses). Staking Pool now live.

VeChain VET VTHO Where to buy VeChainThor Logo Blockchain Crypto Cryptocurrency Where to buy VeChain VET VTHO in the US World of V

Genesis 2021

From World of V, The Genesis 2021 collection is a set of 200 unique NFTs, 10,000 in total, introducing a combination of digital art and collectibles. Card Collection featuring VeChain’s Journey Around the World.

VeHashes VeChain NFT


VeHashes, the first World of V PFP Collection on the VeChain Blockchain. 10,000 in total.

VeFam Space Club VeChain NFT Astronaut Astro World of V

VeFam Space Club

Pacing the VeChain growth phase, to 2025 and beyond. Dropping ~50 vNFTs per month till 2,025 Astronauts are minted. First drop 2/27/22 @ 8:30 CET.

75% of NP to be reinvested into the first project goals

? Space Tourism, sending holder on a tour to space

☄️Shop to be opened with goods tracked/traced on VeChain; community involvement in designs of products

? World of V – Whale card to be obtained for VeFam Space Club to use % of generation of tokens as agreed upon

☄️ Mint an Astronaut holding a paintbrush enables you to create a custom astronaut designed any way you choose

☄️ Mint an Astronaut with a flag to receive a physical collectable to assist in your journey

☄️ Unique airdrop to all holders, essential for the journey to Mars


A mysterious place inside your mind, where NFT collections were magically created by the hands of skilled wizards, before they left the tower and recanted the magic… Dropping in Phases.

Humandroid Cyber Waves World of V NFT VeChain vNFT Clean Android Cyberpunk

Crypto Waves

A set of collections for fans of the cyberpunk world. The collection currently available is “HUMANDROID GIRLS”, which has as its subject the head of a female android in various colors and different traits. The total number of collectible cards is 25, with different colors and unique traits such as laser eyes, katanas, sunglasses etc..

vDesigns by Kodium

vDesigns by Kodium currently consists of 3 collections.. Venuts, Vecosystem, Vestoration Series.

Big Eyes

Big Eyes believes that women and men, uniting and respecting each other, pursuing a common goal, can reach unthinkable goals. Dropping in Phases.


Warrior Woman artist. Phygital works available.

Bruno Donzelli

Bruno Donzelli is a Neapolitan artist. He has an international profile with exhibitions in museums and galleries in all the art capitals. His works tell the great artistic movements of the 1900s, which are revised in his own way, playing with the themes of Surrealism, Futurism, Informal, Abstraction, Pop, up to Street Art.

VETPETs Banner VeChain NFT VETPets


VETPets are the hottest new 8bit NFT collection from the VeFam legend VETlieber. Limited to 250 custom pieces minted on the VeChain network! First Animal Collection 8-Bit NFTs.

Airworthy NFT VeChain


The first NFT collection from Airworthy launched on October 25th, 2021 on World of V, completely selling out in less than 14 hours

Stoner Punks VeChain NFT NFTs VET VPunks

Stoner Punks

StonerPunks is that memory that warms your heart, a moment in which the adult in you comes back in tune with the child you were. Dropping in Phases.


Metaversials is a collection of randomly generated NFTs that live on VeChain… and a unique alter-ego in Mevex.

Artist & Co-founder of Arthouse

Daniel Martin

Artist & Co-founder of Arthouse

Linnea Frank

Linnea Frank is a Swedish born artist currently living in Cape Town, South Africa. She is most known for her unique style of photography, both in fashion editorials and also her striking (and often very large) limited edition photo art prints on Metal.

Philip Staniscia

International Digital Artist Visual Designer based in Italy

Laurence Fuller

Actor. Poet. King Of Paradise.

Jenni Pasanen

Uniting creativity of machine and mined as one. Jenni Pasanen is digital artist creating pieces by combining intriguing machine created shapes with her vision and the emotion they surface. She want to introduce the world the new medium of art & machine learning, by combining the two as one we can create something unprecedented & fascinating.

valentin fischer




Surreal Visual Artist. Interdimensional Scavenger. Digital Painting | 3D | Photography


I draw lines..


Petrelli is a broad artist, whose production, begun for more than 20 years, is full of novelty and experimentation.

The Isolationist

Von Doyle

Hope is a waking dream ? The paint on the canvas is slowly morphing into agony and torment ? Everything you can imagine is real? AI Generated Art with a human touch

Adam Disbrow

American Expressionist Artist || NFT Collector

Gomor Art

An ‘Enfant terrible’ from the Parisian street art world, able to represent in a playful style man’s vices and material aspirations in the XXI century?


Collection of 198 unique NFTs. 

Each collectable is a one-of-a-kind hand-drawn original piece done with love. The V-Ladies will be revealed and minted 6 at a time, until the stories and faces of all 198 are revealed. 

Each V-lady has her own sparkling personality that manifest in different ways making each one unique and different from the others. A single letter accumulates them all, but none of them knows of the existence of the others.


Truth is like mold


“All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream.”

Sedas Nature

Capturing the beauty of Nature in traditional paintings & drawings.

Anna Maria Papadimitriou

Exploring the mesmerising vastness, an unfamiliar universe with forms and concepts which are open to the viewer’s interpretation.

Francien Krieg

Francien Krieg paints contemporary figurative oilpaintings which show the power of vulnerability

mihai grecu

Creating dystopia since 2004

Rose Jackson

Rose is an Australian textile and digital artist. She uses traditional wet felting methods to make wool felt artworks, which she then combines with animation and GAN.




Massimiliano Sbrescia

Massimiliano Sbrescia is a multimedia artist, expert in the field of painting as well as in graphics, but he is master of expressive means such as video and digital image.These new works are portraits, even of friends, who are born digitally, they are faces invaded and deformed by craquelé, but the person remains recognizable for his essential features.

Sedas M2I

4 Art/Tech – Artist.Coder.Creator.NFTCollector. <==> Digital Art / VQGAN / Dreamer Account


I live and work in Caserta. I am fascinated by certain historical settings, news stories, characters. And from that reinterpretation process that, through photography and further digital manipulation, springs from it. As William Faulkner admonishes: The past is never dead, it is not even the past.

Luca Lubello

Lubello is an italian artist who creates images starting from the common territory of memory, that of childhood, with his games and toys. It’s a painting that comes from the experience of pixels and the light of the monitors, but it’s painting, the real one. The portrays of the women are beautiful and fascinating, caught in the most tender and sweetest moment, they appear dreamy and sensual.

Nicholas Tolosa

Nicholas Tolosa brings Street Art to where art has always been on the street, on the road. And he does it by painting his deadpan African-style masks in giant size. The style is his own. The chromatic choice is to use all the colors by adding them in black and white. And because reality is never black and white, gray ends up prevailing, which is the middle earth, with all its shades.


Hand-made and digitized drawings from italy


3D Motion Designer and NFT Artist from Uzbekistan


Photography Exhibition of “The Place Where I Used To Live” here:

VeChain NFTs Marketplace World of V VeSea VNFT

VeFam Coins

1,000 Unique VeFam Coins each 100 representing a different VeChain Ecosystem Connection.

Chiara Lifeonabalcony

Just an artist who loves capturing daily moments, feelings and emotions in different ways.

Vincenzo Maraglino

I am an Italian artist. Visual art is an artistic expression that discovers, illustrates, highlights, denounces and lightens life, time, present history. I try to be a visual chronicler of my time, creating by all possible means. I have been an artist for almost twenty years with enormous passion and commitment and I will continue to do so until the end, making my art accessible to everyone.


– Official World of V account of Crypto Dreadfull. – Weird art and Skulls collections


Providing all of your artistic needs


Evocative soul artist. Expressing latent emotions through colour, and bringing them to life in the digital world. Collect all SPECIES now to get a personalised Discord profile picture as an NFT! (1/7 claimed)


An 18 year old photographer, musician & light worker looking to stamp my journey as an artist on the blockchain… love and light to all ! Abstract Light Art Description ~ My Original Light Painting Photos Twisted & Refracted Into Abstract Pieces…Visualizing The True Potential Of Light Painting & The Infinite Amount Of Creation That Can Become Of Capturing A Beautiful Stream Of Light


Welcome to the World of Spectrum.


DI GENNI is a figurative painter, traditionally and digitally . His art narrate of far places, exotic animals, & tribal people. He Lives between Italy & Kenya.


Still life forever


Cofounder of notadao.dao and AI artist I love turning reality into a dream


Angels are interwoven within the culture of man. Regardless of religion or belief system, stories of angels are a part of our heritage, of the fabric that makes up human history.


art earth. The Secret Life of Plants. ⚫ Archive & Fine Art collection of roots and Sacred Plants ?️?.

Massimo Di Stefano

I am a multifaceted artist. Space from painting to photography from digital art to NFTs. My main themes are the energies of the Universe and metaphysical research.

De Quenera

I am a female artist with many styles but I prefer abstract and I have a collection with several pictures in it


I find Light in the Darkness My Telescope – Our Universe Content Creator & Curator of uniⓋerse on VeSea


3D/2D Art/Music NFTs.

Pelle Di Luna

Italian Artist

Gio masia art

I’m Gio, digital artist, honing my skills at the Academy of Fine Arts. I create detailed surreal art with a minimalist touch, charged with hidden meanings, to convey my inner journey


Photographe Français Travaille chambre Argentique 4*5inch/

Ilya Bliznets

Artist based in Russia. I am engaged in painting and contemporary art. Here are the works in digital painting format that you can purchase.


Artist, Veteran, LEO, and I return shopping carts after using them. Pretty much sums me up as an exceptional human $ADA $VET

Daria Rastunina

I am a contemporary artist, I am engaged in painting and contemporary art. Here are my digital works that I create in various graphic programs.

Real Devil Skull Guy

Creator of the “Devil Skull Gang”, Graphic Designer, Muralist and collector of good NFT art.


Physicals to Digitals

Originals / Commissions

Vypgitals Collection = Phygitals (Physical & NFT available)


-VeChainⓥ NFTs Exclusive Collections

-Official WoV account


A two corgi house, getting all they want whilst me, corgdad, immortalise them on the Vechain blockchain.


Full-time teacher; part-time artist; aspiring rhinoceros


Photographs made by me.


Hi, Thanks for checking out my profile. Remy is Based in Nigeria , Remy has been working with photography for more than five years, but has recently turned his focus more to abstract and Nft art. Remy frequently repurposes vintage imagery in his home country for lighthearted imagery that aims to nevertheless aims to explore complex themes.


An artist with 4 years of experience aspiring and working towards being the next big thing in the nft space

Ruined Art

I ruin Art.


I like Dragons, don’t you too?

Jason Svoboda

VeChain and WoV Enthusiast. Also dabble a bit in the digital dark arts.

yyamada pictures

NFT enthusiast. Digital painting, Street Pictures & AI

FP nftsart

I love art in all its forms. NFTS technology allowed me to share my work with the world without boundaries. Art is oxygen for humanity

VeSea Foundation

Discover Collect and Sell VeChain NFTs on VeSea, VeChain’s newest digital NFT marketplace. Featuring an array of NFT Projects as well as their own, VeKings.

VeKings VeChain NFT NFTs VET VTHO VeChainNFT


9,999 Original, Randomly Generated Viking and Valkyrie NFTs located at VeChainThor Blockchain.


What happened after a species commits a gender-selective mass killing? Well, there’s only one gender left. 

Vumanoids is a collection of humanoids on the VeChain blockchain. The first species of Vumanoids is vElves.

Galaxy Portraits

Limited collection of 1099 pieces. 

Each portrait will be a different unique humanoid creature comprised of a mixture of Human and Alien DNA. 

Generated using an AI algorithm that has been trained using custom sketches and stock images. 

Mad Apes

4.999 MAD ⓥ-APES NFTs have found a home on the VeChain blockchain. We are glad that you have joined us on this journey. The MAD ⓥ-APES were looking for a clean environment, free of global contamination, and they have found one of the cleanest habitats, VeChainⓥ Ecosystem.


10,000 NFT Generative Art collection. Created algorithmically from 3 million randomization-based data points and stored as tokens on VeChain’s blockchain, these collectibles represent unique pieces of art. 


NFT collection depicting 1,000 super awesome kongs! 

Each has been generated from a pool of more than 30 different design elements, ensuring every piece is unique. These collectibles will be stored as VIP-181 tokens on VeChain. 


? In the dark forest lie 8.000 unique ghosts waiting to emerge as VeGhosts on the VeChain blockchain. 

'Victs are a collection of 5000 inmates serving time on VeChain. Bail them out this December!

Victs NFT

‘Victs are a collection of 5000 inmates serving time on VeChain. Bail them out!


uniⓋerse is a collection of deep space images captured by myself and other world renowned astrophotographers.

We find light in the darkness – Collect a piece of our uniⓋerse. UniⓋerse is an NFT collection showcasing 60 deep-space images of nebulas, galaxies and planets, as captured by world-renowned astrophotographers and curated by Jason Wiscovitch.

New Pigs Order VeChain NFT vNFT

New Pigs Order

10.000 pigs randomly generated on the VeChainThor blockchain. Taking over the world one oink at a time

New Pigs Order is an NFT collection comprised of artworks showcasing 10,000 pigs that have their sights set on ruling the world, one oink at a time!

VeLoot VeChain NFT VeSea


veLoot is a collection of 6,000 NFTs consisting of lists of randomized adventurer gear. Known as Loot Bags, each holds a mixture of RPG-style items inspired by the VeChain ecosystem


5 Iconic Nerds. 1,250 Set. Endless Rewards


NFT collection consisting of 3,333 uniquely generated pieces of art. Each attribute is hand drawn by pencil and then digitally vectorized. Every piece is algorithmically generated and completely unique from one another. 

Undead VeKings

VeKings lost to the Eternal Flame.

Sacraficed VeKings






VeChain VET VTHO Where to buy VeChainThor Logo Blockchain Crypto Cryptocurrency Where to buy VeChain VET VTHO in the US World of V Staking


VPunks is an homage to the original cryptopunks but with utility for long term growth and user retention. Integrating gaming and tokenization into an 8-Bit ecosystem.  It’s a cross between NFTs and decentralized finance, with gamification as the underlying business model. 


VeChain VET VTHO Where to buy VeChainThor Logo Blockchain Crypto Cryptocurrency Where to buy VeChain VET VTHO in the US VIMWorld VEED


VIMs are Smart NFTs that will deliver an immutable system of authentication, allowing their owners to both store and build value through play whilst building meaningful connections with others.

NFT Paper Project

NFT Paper Project

NFT Paper Project

An interactive experience that contains 11,880 unique pieces of procedurally generated art, living both in the physical and digital worlds.

NFTs are available for minting and the canvas factory creates downloadable templates for cutting machines, giving everyone the ability to create a physical twin.

NFT transfers and Purchases

Paper NFT Wallet by NFT Paper Project

Explore all your NFTs across all Marketplaces on VeChain. View recent NFT Transfers and Purchases, top collectors, top WoV Artists, make offers, view collection unique wallets, VeSea Markets, and more.


VeThugs NFT VeChain Gaming


VeThugs is a collection of 10.000 unique thugs with a maximum of 12 different traits.
Each of this traits will have unique extras, ofcourse some are more rare to keep it interesting.
Come and discover VeThugs to get a peak in the future of gamification.


No BS roadmap. No unfounded hype. No off-the-shelf copycat game. No overly complex rarity system. No need to remortgage your house to buy one. No nerds.


Mad Vikings

Mad Viking Games NFT VeChain Blockchain gaming

Mad Viking Games

Presenting high quality blockchain based games, with a new breeding and aging system, together with an interactive NFT interface. 



They are coming… 10,000 #Vesitors on the VeChain blockchain!

Vulcan Forged

Vulcan Forge Vulcan Universe NFT blockchain gaming

Vulcan Forged

Premium blockchain game studio, cross-chain NFT marketplace. Makers of @vulcanverse.

Digital Village

Digital Village VeChain NFT

Digital Village

Digital Village metaverse will create hundreds of use cases for NFTs and enable users to import and actually use them within games, events and experiences in DV metaverse.

World of V NFT Tools

World of V NFT Tools

World of V NFT Tools

Get insights as an artist / collector on your World of V creations / collections. Free tool for the World of V NFT community.

Non-Fungible News

Non-Fungible News VeChain YouTube Videos VNFT NFT NFTs

Non-Fungible News

Interviews, articles, and everything VeChain NFTs.



Useful set of tools for VeChain VNFTs, @VexChange Price charts for VET Token Pairs, and much much more. Official #VeChain dApp

View our List of VeChain Ecosystem Partners

List of VeChain Ecosystem Connections/Partners vchain

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