VeChain’s patent publication “Patient sharing and quality control system based on block chain technology and human assisted reproduction technology”

VeChain x Patent CN113268756A

VeChain and Renji Hospital recently published a patent application for a ‘Patient Sharing and Quality Control System Based on Blockchain Technology.’ #MyBaby

Author “陆扬” is VeChain’s Sunny Lu

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The invention relates to a doctor-patient sharing and quality control system based on a block chain technology and a human assisted reproduction technology, wherein user login authority management, reproduction data information display and user interaction are set through a webpage front end of a block chain platform; the back-end application is used as a middle layer of the front-end page and the block chain data interaction, and is respectively used as a carrier for data receiving of clinical data monitoring and embryo culture equipment and a carrier for user data storage; capturing data and image information of each culture link in the clinical data monitoring and embryo culture equipment in the human assisted reproduction technology at set time intervals, comparing and analyzing the data and the reference data, transmitting the data and the image information to a block chain application platform through a hospital gateway, and performing ID management, data desensitization evidence storage and on-chain data interaction; performing data chaining, data query, verification, data ownership confirmation and transfer in the block chain; and each link of the clinical treatment process and the embryo culture is displayed to a user through visual data.


In partnership with VeChain and DNV, Renji Hospital, a top-ranking hospital in China affiliated with the Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine has announced the launch of smart medical care project — MyBaby, the world’s first blockchain-based In-Vitro fertilization (IVF) Service Application.

“With MyBaby improving the IVF process from data management to providing families with the ability to clearly see the development of their baby, we believe that MyBaby can play a key role in easing anxiety, depression and stress associated with the IVF cycle, lifting the confidence and providing emotional support to tens of thousands and more women and families during this challenging stage in their life.”

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