VeChain Security in Blockchain and Cloud Computing ’21

VeChain Security in Blockchain: At Security in Blockchain and Cloud Computing, SBC ’21, an international group of researchers and developers addressed security challenges in blockchain. 

AlphaBlock, VeChain’s evaluation of blockchain consensus protocols, was one of five accepted papers.

Ninth International Workshop on Security in Blockchain and Cloud Computing (SBC):

AlphaBlock: An Evaluation Framework for Blockchain Consensus Protocols

Good find, eisenreich.

Haitao Xiang

Dr Xiang works as postdoc in AI and Fintech. He Obtained a Dphil in Data Science and Information Technology from Tsinghua University. His research is focused on machine learning models that optimize and understand our current socio-economic system, with special attention on the energy and finance sectors. He develops Meta learning algorithms that solves the ordinal optimization problem in the domain of finance and operations research. He is also interested in the operational research in the blockchain systems.

Dr Ning Wang

Ning Wang (Ph.D) works as Senior Research Fellow in Data Science at the Oxford-NIE financial Big Data Lab, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford. He also works as Research Associate at the Oxford Internet Institute.

His research is driven by a deep interest in analysing a wide range of social and economic problems by exploiting data science approaches. His research interest lies in machine/deep learning in finance, social media and mobile trading platform, online sentiment analysis and financial market, trading behaviors and performance evaluation. He is also interested in the broad areas of behavioral finance, social computing, data mining, and social networks analysis.

Prof. Hanqing Jin

I am an Associate Professor at the Mathematical Institute and the director of Oxford-Nie Financial Big Data Laboratory.  I obtained a Ph.D degree in Financial Engineering from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and was then a postdoctoral fellow in the same university. I was an assistant professor in the National University of Singapore in September 2006–Jan 2009. 

My general interest is in mathematical finance, behavioural finance, applied stochastic analysis, optimization, financial big data. My work focuses on the study on portfolio selection  and optimal stopping without time consistency in financial market. Recently I also worked on token economics and mathematical problems in blockchain technology.