VeChain Top Highlights in 2021

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“Reflecting on 2021, we are incredibly proud of how far our team & technologies have come. Our achievements have set in motion revolutionary outcomes. In 2022+, we will see rapid acceleration for the adoption of blockchain & we are ready to deliver.” – VeChain Foundation

Top Highlights in 2021

  • VIP-214 PoA 2.0 Phase 1 – Live!
  • The 2nd Steering Committee Election – Started
  • eNFT Ecosystem – Expanding
  • Grant Program +$1,000,000 Commenced

2021 Paves The Way To Future

  • VeCarbon is smart carbon
  • Web3, DeFi, DAO

Year in Review 2021

View a list of VeChain partnerships


  • Air Trace
  • VeTrust
  • MyBaby
  • San Marino Green Pass
  • Salesforce
  • and 100+ more

Social Media

  • Twitter followers 530k+, up 223%
  • Discord VeChain Server Members 11k
  • Omni Channel #VeChain 700k+

100+ Live Enterprises

30+ new dApps

View list of VeChain Enterprises and dApps

VeChain list of Partnerships/Enterprises

VeChain list of Partnerships

VeChain NFTs

VeChain NFTs Curation of NFT Projects from VeChain NFTs on the VeChainThor Blockchain. 

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