Current VeChain NFT Projects and Marketplaces

List of NFT Projects dropping on VeChain; NFTs on the VeChainThor Blockchain. NFT Drops, News, Roadmaps, Where to Buy/Sell, Marketplaces from World of V, VeSea, BlackVeMarket.

VeChain Upcoming NFT Drops

Infinity Viracles

First mint: 26th of February 12 PM UTC +0
Price: 1.000 VET

Second mint: 20th of March 12 PM UTC +0
Public Price: 500$VIRC (1.000 VET) 

Mint at:Viracles website
Aftermarket at: BlackVeMarket

VeFam Space Club VeChain NFT Astronaut Astro World of V

VeFam Space Club

Pacing the VeChain growth phase, to 2025 and beyond. Dropping ~50 vNFTs per month till 2,025 Astronauts are minted.

75% of NP tol be reinvested into the first project goals

? Space Tourism, sending holder on a tour to space

☄️Shop to be opened with goods tracked/traced on VeChain; community involvement in designs of products, discount for holders

? World of V – Whale card to be obtained for VeFam Space Club to use % of generation of tokens as agreed upon

☄️ Mint an Astronaut holding a paintbrush enables you to create a custom astronaut designed any way you choose

☄️ Mint an Astronaut with a flag to receive a physical collectable to assist in your journey

☄️ Unique airdrop to all holders, essential for the journey to Mars

First Mint: 2/27/22 8:30 pm CET

Mint at: World of V

Bored Flamingo Flying Club

Exclusive NFT collection of Flamingos housed on the VeChain blockchain.

When: End of March

Where: World of V

Hot Banano Club

HBC are the hottest and more spicy NFTs on the blockchain. A very special kinky collection of 100 unique editions.

A brand new @VETlieber project bringing the most sexiest NFTs to the VeChain world

View List of Current VeChain NFT Projects

List of Current VeChain NFT Projects

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