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“2021 has been an insane year for the VeFam. With these awards would like to show how far we have come and reward the people who have put in the effort.” – VeFam Awards


With a total of 165 votes, here were the winners:

Best Platform – @worldofv_art

Best NFT Project – @MADv_APESnft

Best Vechain NFT Artist – @VETlieber

VeFam Personality of the year 2021 – @TheVirtualFlame

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VeFam Awards NFT World of V


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World of V Stats

NFT marketplace launched 2 months ago, so far 9,011 sales. 7,100 pieces minted so far, for 64,000 tokens. 9.7 million WOV volume and 1.2 million $VET. With 3,090 wallets, over 1,500 made their profile.

“It’s growing, very new for VeChain community. See a lot of new people coming. What really matters is that the community is happy.” – @Vetliever

Costs only 3.85 $VTHO to mint on VeChain.

3.85 VTHO = $0.02

Dimitris Neocleous

VeChain is more than just the projects you are seeing from the corporate world, but also the best L1 platform that you can build faster, cheaper, and more friendly to the environment. Exciting weird year because of CoVID.

2022 -Very exciting year for VeChain. He can say the future of NFTs, not only metaverse but phygitals. X-node holders are the first NFT holders in VeChain ecosystem. 

He’s involved in a very interesting project, 4 different developer teams from around the world are working on, whole exchange, token, leveraging the 

Growth of NFTs, see more people joining VeChain community. Members just curious. Just since 11,000 of October installation of wallets. 

Bring awareness in 2022, not just supply chain platform, much more. 

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