VeChain NFT VeFam Coins

VeFam Coins believes VeChain vNFTs should be affordable and accessible to all VeFam. Featured on the World of V NFT Marketplace.

#1-50 will be available for a cost of 100 $VET each. 

#51-1,000 will be available for a cost of 100 WoV (roughly 10 $VET each).

#1-50 will consist of only 1 copy, while #51-1,00 will consist of 100 copies each with a Royalty Rate of 25%. 

#101-1,000 will consist of 1/1, 10/10, and 100/100 at various price points. Current thought:

X01-X50 = 1/1 copies, X51-99 = 10/10 copies, and the X00 copy = 100 copies.

Collecting VeFam Coins #1-50 will entitle you to possible benefits. Initial and secondary transactions from VeFam Coins #51-1,000, WoV Token generation will be gifted between all collectors of VeFam Coins #1-50, at a rate of 33% to founders, 33% to myself, and 34% to a community fund to support giveaways, other NFT projects, whatever the founders decide.

This is a special way to give back to early supporters and make owning a vNFT available to everyone.