Our goals include, but are not limited to, being able to send one holder on a space tour in 2024, acquiring a World of V Whale Card for a % to be used as the community decides, and opening up a merchandise shop with goods tagged and traced on VeChainThor. All while delivering VeFam a fun and interactive project throughout the growth phase and beyond. 

VeFam Space Club VeChain NFT Astronaut Astro World of V


Any New VeFam Space Club NFT Projects

Holders will either be given early access, rewarded free airdrops, given discounts, or all of the above based on the # of astronauts they hold.

Any new VeFam Space Club NFT projects will not be made with the intention to take value away from the original project, the intention would be to create greater value overall for the entire ecosystem.

VeFam Space Club Astronaut NFTs

Will serve as tickets for all future events….. if as a group we decide to work towards sending a second person into space, a getaway to Thailand, one-on-one talk with Bill Nye the Science guy, or any other goals where winners are selected, these will count for those drawings.

Space Tour

Chance to go on a space tour in 2024. Each VeFam Space Club NFT you hold acts as your ticket for your chance to be chosen.

World of V – Genesis Cards $WoV Generation

Each NFT you hold counts as a vote in how we spend the minimum of 10% of $WoV generated from the Whale Card we will work to acquire, and the Genesis and Special Cards already held. 10% is just a minimum number, if we vote on goals/objectives that will bring in additional revenue streams/create greater value for our community, this will be increased.

Custom Astronaut

If you mint an astronaut holding a paintbrush, you get to create your own astronaut. Once the astronaut is completed, we will ask you to send us back the astronaut holding the paintbrush so we can send it to the graveyard (burn it) and then we will mint and add your custom astronaut to the collection, rather than creating a seperate collection just for them. This astronaut would also have a symbol, designating that it was a custom piece.


The goal is to provide the results of collaborations with other NFT projects to the VeFam Space Club community free of charge. As you’ll see in the marketplace, we’ve collected the VeCorgi x VeFam Space Club NFT and there’s also a newly created collection “collaborations”

Examples of how this could work:

1.) Let’s use the VeCorgi 1/1 vNFT as an example. After the first mint on 2/27, a random number generator could be used to choose a number 1-56, the corresponding NFT holder will be airdropped the VeCorgi x VeFam Space Club NFT.

2.) Another possibility: A VeFam Space Club astronaut resembling another project in our style. This could either be made to have enough copies to airdrop to all of that projects community as well as our own.

Exclusive VeFam Space Club Shop

% off VeFam Space Club shop, to be traced on VeChainThor. Percentage off will increase as number of NFTs held increases.

Unique airdrop to all holders.

This will be a separate collection of 2,025 pieces, you receive one for each VeFam Space Club astronaut you hold. The NFT is something essential for compelting the journey to Mars.

Founders Edition Astronaut

If you hold 40 astronauts, you will be airdropped a Founders Edition Astronaut. Only 10 are available for redemption.


We received a good response on adding lore to VeFam Space Club so it’s something we will be adding. This is relatively new, I spoke to the author today and they mentioned they could have something by our second drop and tossed around releasing new material on a monthly basis to mirror each drop. This is subject to change; not set in stone. The writer will be a published comic book writer and novelist.

Access to exclusive discord channels.

Exclusive discord roles.


As our Roadmap goes throughout the entire growth phase and beyond, our roadmap will evolve as time passes. As goals are completed, new roadmaps with new goals will be delivered.

**If you mint at least one astronaut from every drop starting on 2/27/22 till 2025 you will go down in VeFam Space Club history and be rewarded for your dedication and commitment.


From the beginning, we’ve set 75% of NP tol be reinvested into projects goals. The goal is to continually re-invest into this project throughout the entire growth phase and beyond.

How To Mint

On the fourth Sunday of every month:

1) Go to https://marketplace.worldofv.art/collection/52af73d4-a188-454a-af3b-20851478bd14

2) Click on the NFT with the date of the current drop

3) Purchase the number(s) of NFT(s) you would like, this acts as your ticket. The actual NFT will be transferred to you shortly after purchase

4) Go to your profile, your NFT will be transferred to you in the order it was purchased. Note* You will see the ticket in your profile, that will be yours to keep.

Tickets available for sale Feb. 27, 2022 @ 8:30 pm CET

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