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VeKings NFT by VeSea Foundation x VeChain


VeKings VeChain Blockchain NFT NFTs Marketplace

9,999 Original, Randomly Generated Viking and Valkyrie NFTs located at VeChainThor Blockchain

For whitelisted addresses, the mint is next Friday, 10/8 @ 3pm UTC, with a marketplace + the VeKings collection dropping at the same time on VeChainThor Blockchain. The public sale will follow 24 hours later. One of the newer NFT projects to come along to the scene. Here’s what your screen will look like prior to mint, not on the whitelist.

VeKings VeChain Blockchain NFT NFTs Marketplace Minting
Pre-Mint Screen

VeKings NFT series was created by a group of long-time friends and VeChain supporters (XNode holders from VEN days!), under NFT collaboration label VeSea.

Using complex algorithms to generate combinations of over 185 hand-drawn traits, not only is this collection aesthetically impressive, but they’ve worked hard to introduce design & character-based rarity traits that create a high level of collectibility.

Unite the Clans

War has broken out across The Metaverse. Apes, penguins, and punks are forming a coalition along the borders of Etheria, with their sights set on world domination. At the same time, other factions form in nearby lands. Deep within Jungle Sol, monkeys and apes have come together behind their shared god-emperor: SBF. High above the trees on the summit of Mt. Avalanche, apes bolster their defenses with pangolins.

The story is different in VeLand, where The VeChain Empire has been weakened by continuous discord. Our mighty clans – Auponly, Folsung, Turlungar, and Siklir – have been overtaken with infighting, and must be quickly brought together. Help the clans by choosing how many vikings & valkyries to unite during minting.

VeKings Roadmap 2.0

VeKings Roadmap VeSea VeChain NFTs vNFT

Roadmap 2.0 in text:

DAO to fund VeKing community initiatives established

Paper Project PFP collab for VeKing holders launched

New V1 marketplace features + UX enhancements (incl. filtering) release

The Eternal Flame (Pyre) token burn event goes live

Badges/achievements NFT mechanic goes live

VeSea V2 marketplace premieres

The Thunderdome arena drops

Veysarum PFP collab for VeKing holders launches

Top secret

Loot-style reward NFT airdrops for VeKing holders launches

Tokenomics release

Disclaimers: the order and even make-up of these items will be in flux and could for one reason or another change. This is the general plan our Team is pursuing, but we will pivot as needed More on Roadmap 2.0 will be communicated out via Medium post Soon.


DAO Definition

A DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is an organization represented by rules encoded as a computer program (smart contracts) that is transparent, controlled by the organization members and not influenced by a central government.

DAO Objective

To give community ownership and control to community funds. VeKing transactions would fund VeKingDAO wallet for VeKing holders to use however they agree upon.

What VeKingDAO Aims to Be

Our team doesn’t have the manpower to setup a true DAO in parallel with VeKings mint, but we want to make sure that funding of the community wallet takes place on day 1 so that VeKing holders can harness the full power of their VeKing NFTs. That can be for funding VeChain development projects, purchasing NFTs, commissioning art for member NFTs, donations – the list is limitless. We want this to push the VeChain ecosystem to grow in whatever way they deem fit. To do this, we have deployed the below:

A Community Wallet

0xF134dEB2Ed7DdDB417D2716397b8320f16315139 This is the address where 0.5% of all VeKings Universe transactions on the VeSea market will be sent for the remainder of time. VeKing sale? Fund the DAO.

Proposal Submission Discussion We will need to work towards a method for VeKings holders to submit proposals for either structural change of the DAO or use-of-funds from the DAO. Only VeKing holders should be able to submit proposals.

A Voting Mechanism Discussion

In a true DAO it would be handled by ERC-20 tokens that represent voting power, but because we don’t have a true DAO with smart contracts we will need to find a solution such that only VeKing holders can vote, and 1 VeKing equals 1 vote.

Becoming a true DAO and Beyond

What we would really like to see from this initiative is that it inspires the community to start their own development projects, perhaps starting with the creation of a true VeKingDAO. We would support/work with any team that formed to attempt this and forward 100% of community funds to the eventual DAO. These funds would also increase over time as all additional VeKing Universe expansions will fund this same wallet, but only gen0 VeKings holders would maintain voting power. We want to inspire and we want to grow. Our team is working to modernize the development tools and documents within VeChain so that new creatives can be on-boarded quickly and painlessly. Maybe this is the start of that, and maybe the VeKing community can help us push it further, faster.

Viking and Valkyrie Trait Sheet

VeKings VeChain Blockchain NFT NFTs Marketplace type list
Frozen/Alien VeKing?
Frozen/Alien VeKing?


As of 9/30/2021, 500 people will be whitelisted with 430 spots already claimed. Questions and answers on where to mint and how can be found in the FAQ.

Q. Is it too late to get whitelisted? If not, how does one do so?

We still have some spots left in Discord/Telegram. If you hop in to either of those you’ll have a chance.

Q. What does whitelisting get you? Does that allow you to get only 1 Veking the day before public release? Then public day, 10 per minting?

You have it right: whitelist period is only a single mint per address. Open mint the next day is 10/tx

Q. How’s that work? My handle gets whitelisted, but how do I connect that to my wallet?

We’ll be deploying a discord bot for everyone with the role assigned to interact with and turn over their address. The bot will compile them and turn them over to us in a giant txt file. Allows for anonymity.

Bot launches on Monday.

VeKings VeChain Blockchain NFT NFTs Marketplace

Join the Clans!



Twitter: @VeKingsNFT // @VeSea Foundation

VeKings VeChain Blockchain NFT NFTs Marketplace


Q. Where will minting be done?

On their website

Q. How much will each cost?

To reward early supporters and whitelisters, we will be mirroring the scaled pricing model used by VPunks.

VeKings VeChain Blockchain NFT NFTs Marketplace cost

Q. What wallets can I mint with?

On mobile – the Official wallet (dApp to be released); on desktop – Sync/Sync 2

Q. What, if any, is the relationship with World of V (WoV) now?

We didn’t think our market would be ready by go-live so we have been working with them to have VeKings there. They still will be, but we are now ready to drop our own market on launch alongside VeKings. So VeKings will be tradeable on both at launch.

Q. Is the marketplace open for the public to Mint their own NFTs next Friday, 10/8/2021?

You can mint VeKings specifically, and then buy/sell/bid on them in our market. This is v1 and everyone can do so.

Once we are launched and stable we will shift to allowing others to upload/mint their own works and then buy/sell/bid on them similar to OpenSea

Q. Will you have your own native Token?

Not at launch, no. We didn’t want to squeeze something in if it didn’t have utility. Not ruling one out. We’re analyzing models of other projects to see what makes sense. Ecosystem token for VeSea, universe token for Vekings, a mixture fo the two, etc.

Q. How many people will be or have been whitelisted?

500 whitelisted. At 430 currently

Q. Is it too late to get whitelisted? If not, how does one do so?

We still have some spots left in Discord/Telegram. If you hop in to either of those you’ll have a chance.

Q. What does whitelisting get you? Does that allow you to get only 1 Veking the day before public release? Then public day, 10 per minting?

You have it right: whitelist period is only a single mint per address. Open mint the next day is 10/tx

Q. Will there be a rarity score?

Yup – but it’s mostly just rarity of individual traits adding to a cumulative score. Our trait page will have all of that, drops mid-mint.

Q. Are you doing anything for XNode holders?

TBA – but we think it’s important to reward VeChain community members.

Q. What is the roadmap for VeSea Foundation?

VeSea immediate roadmap is: Stablelize, refine and feature-add to marketplace Expand VeKing functionality/utility.

So we will have more projects, but all immediate ones will be to the benefit of VeKings holders.

It’s what we’ve communicated to the group in our discord. We see ourselves as a toolbelt for them. We have our own ideas, but ultimately aim to be used by them to do what they want for their VeKings – because doing that grows the community (which is our goal).

Next Honorary Mention…

I couldn’t be happier to be able to introduce you to the next honorary….

VETLieber VETPets VeViking VETLiber

Non-Fungible News Interview with Bread from VeSea/VeKings

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