Vumanoids and Vales

vElf and Vale hybrid Baby

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The rarity of vElf and Vale will affect the rarity of the hybrid baby.

It’s better to breed your 24 and 43 Yes, you guys should wait too as I’ll put up some explanation and warnings before you get to play the mini breeding game.

But in the mean time here’s some info…

It depends on what you want for the hybrid. If you want to get a rare hybrid, pair your rarest vElf with your rarest Vale. For example: Rare vElves are rare because they hv low count of certain attributes as compared to the normal vElves. Think of the attribute as a number.

Let’s say, fire eyes is number 1. Out of 7777 vElves, there’s only 2 fire eyes (this is just an example).

In Vales, there’s a button eyes attribute. Let’s say button eyes is number 2. Out of 6776 Vales, there’s only 4 button eyes (again, this is an example).

—— Fire eyes – 1 Button eyes – 2 Simple calculation of hybrid eyes (This is not the actual calculation, of course) = Fire eyes + Button eyes = 1 + 2 = 3

In the hybrid collection, number 3 refers to heterochromia eyes (this is an example again).

Recap: If you do well in the game AND you have a fire eyes for vElf and button eyes for Vale,

You get a hybrid baby with heterochromia eyes. Since there’s only 2 vElves with fire eyes and 4 Vales with button eyes: there can only be at most 2 hybrid babies with heterochromia eyes attribute.

There’s a risk. That’s why I said I’ll put up an explanation and warnings before you get to play the breeding game

What’s the risk % dependent on?

It depends on how well you do in the game. Actions hv consequences and there’s a score for every action. Like in examinations: The more questions that you answer correctly, the higher your end mark will be.

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