VeLoot on VeChain NFT

veLoot is a collection of 6,000 NFTs consisting of lists of randomized adventurer gear. Known as Loot Bags, each holds a mixture of RPG-style items inspired by the VeChain ecosystem

Loot Bags are intended to be the unfiltered building blocks for stories, experiences, games, and more, and they’re all being left in the hands of the community. There is no game, rules, or even an official rarity system associated with Loot Bags. Feel free to use your Loot in any way you wish

Bags 1 to 200 were withheld for distribution to contributing team members and as prizes in future giveaways. The remaining 5800 Bags are being dropped in batches and on multiple dates in the future. The 2nd drop of 1000 Bags is set to occur on Dec. 30th at 12am UTC (7pm EST)

Some Info

– randomized adventurer gear

– no images or stats. intentionally omitted for others to interpret

– no fee, just gas

– 6000 bags total

– Inspired by the original Loot Project NFT on ETH

– From the community for the community

Want your VeLoot to Come Alive?

@VictuhVictuh has been making your VeLoot come to live, making characters from the adventure gear obtained from your VeLoot. Here is an example. Get in touch if you want yours done. Check out their World of V profile here.

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