VeThugs NFT on VeChain Blockchain

VeThugs is a collection of 10.000 unique thugs with a maximum of 12 different traits.
Each of this traits will have unique extras, ofcourse some are more rare to keep it interesting.
Come and discover VeThugs to get a peak in the future of gamification.

The first buyable collectibles will be minted in a 10,000 NFT’s strong set of collectibles.
These NFT’s will be minted using an artificial intelligence process that will randomly bring VeThugs to life.There are 12 traits that can be generated. Will you get a regular VeThug  or a more rare zombie,  alien,  vampire or demon VeThug?  

VeThugs metaverse

In the pixelized universe where the VeThugs deal, steal and roll. There are plenty off chances to enrich yourself and your Vethug. ​Owning a VeThug will be the only way to participate in the VeThugs game. Your VeThug will be your unique in-game character. Participate in various in game mini games and events to earn Unique real life & virtual rewards. 


They are two crypto enthusiasts who got interested in the NFT space and wanted to implement NFTs in a video game. They have been VeChain supporters for a while now so the choice of which blockchain they would use was an easy one. By creating and launching the VeThugs and the video game they want to introduce play to earn to the VeFam. That way we will also bring a lot of new traffic towards VeChain and hopefully gain some members for the VeFam. On their way to launch and minting they also added a dev to their team. 

VeThugs Roadmap


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VeThugs Tokenomics

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