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Confused about NFTs? Love them? Hate them? Don’t know what NFT stand for? However you feel about them, the NFT Community on VeChain has certainly caused a splash. Confused why VeChain members are getting excited about VETPets, VPunks, VIMWorld, World of V, and the others coming? Well I reached out to the community members of VIMWorld to see what they had to say about why they liked VIMs. Here’s what they had to say. 

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Why People Like VIMworld

Peter C

I like VIMworld because its vision is unlike any other NFT project I’ve seen. The PPP talks about many features and the one that stands out to me the most is the fact a VIM is a Smart NFT that is both a financial asset and a digital soul. It can be used to provide PoA for physical collectibles whilst also earning you money via the reward structure. Having had the opportunity to get to know the team behind and owners of the project has only increased my love for VIMworld. There are some big backers behind the project with incredible experience that, along with the vision published in the PPP will help propel VIMworld into a first in class category over the next few years.

Peter C

I like VIMs because I see them as the next step of NFT evolution in several ways. They are designed to foster a more personal connection than a typical NFT, for example you take care of your VIM by daily feeding much like a pet, then your VIM takes care of you when it makes you eligible for drops of other NFTs and through staking rewards. We’re also looking forward to both the integration of VIMs with the physical world and the release of games where the VIMs will be playable characters.

Oliver @Cryptogameinfo

An amazing and well experienced team lead by an incredibly hard working, engaging, well connected, business savvy and intelligent pair Jackson and Lila, quality investors such as VeChain and Fenbushi, the best community and a game changing quality product which breaches and unites the physical and digital world of play. Every single day VIMworld keeps building and getting better.

VIMWorld Overview
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