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VIMworld is a revolutionary non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem that creates a space where entrepreneurship and play combine and thrive. At the core of VIMworld are VIMs themselves, each one unique and permanent. VIMs are Smart NFTs that will deliver an immutable system of authentication, allowing their owners to both store and build value through play whilst building meaningful connections with others.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique digital tokens that are non-interchangeable, non-hackable and powered by public blockchains. 

Special thanks to Peter C for their help.

VIMworld VIM NFT NFTs Smart contracts NFT Community


  • What is a VIM?
  • Collectors/Traders/Farmers/IJLTV
  • How to adopt a VIM
  • Where to buy VEED Token
  • How to Feed Your VIM
  • Tiers/Vanguard Treasures
  • Clans
  • Deities & Blessings
  • Why VeChain
  • Supporting Teams
  • Advisory Board
  • Public Project Proposal 
  • Other Resources
  • VIMwiki
  • Why People Like VIMworld

What Is A VIM?

Virtually Integrated Metadata, or VIMs, are Smart NFTs currently residing on the VeChainThor public blockchain and form the core of the VIMworld meta-system. VIMs are characters in an expansive universe that come with their own diverse backgrounds, lore and bespoke artwork. VIMs are naturally suited to various gaming and interactive experiences due to their gamified nature and their verifiable scarcity, which make them ideal collectibles, able to command value in the markets.

Smart contracts and metadata can be turned into an experience, with profiles, statistics, win-loss history, in-game currency, progress and more, all to tell a tale.

Unlike most traditional collectibles, VIMs appreciate in value as you use and level them up. Their experiences are what make them more meaningful to you, but they also bestow them with special skills and abilities that give them objective value to others. In that way, they are like living things, and, just as with all living things, they need to be fed and cared for in order to grow.

VIMworld is a revolutionary non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem that creates a space where entrepreneurship and play combine and thrive.
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The core of the VIMworld ecosystem is the collective community, the VIM owners whom we refer to as VIMmers.

  • Collectors – As VIMworld is primarily a collectibles platform, collectors will make up the majority of the VIMmers, and since collectors are the main stakeholders of the community, the majority of the platform features are designed to increase the value proposition of our VIM collectibles. Collectors may choose to collect VIMs based on their look, rarity, story and more. 
  • Traders – A collectible ecosystem requires a healthy and robust trading ecosystem. Similar to real-world ecosystems such as trading card games, to trade their VIMs with other members in the community. For this reason, we built a robust trading platform – the VIMmarket. Rare VIMs can be paraded in the marketplace and buyers can seek out VIMs to complete their collections 
  • Farmers – VIMs are Smart NFTs, which enables them to hold and stake cryptocurrency assets as well as other markers and nested tokens, such as Treasures and Companions. High-tier VIMs open up new possibilities for the VIMworld experience, enabling VIMmers to farm for rewards supported by the VIMworld economy, such as in the VIMpool or other, bespoke offerings.
  • I Just Like The VIM – Last – but not least – there will be VIMmers who like VIMs for what they are: unique and interesting smart collectibles. VIMworld features overarching fantasy-based lore narrative which ties the VIMmer to a completely different world. Feature-length novellas, short stories, comics and animations about the world of VIMs ensure that collectible fans have a reason to stay invested.

How to Adopt-a-VIM and get your first Smart NFT

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Where to Buy VEED Token

VEED is a VIP180 Token with a fixed supply of 100 billion (100,000,000,000). The number of tokens will ensure the longevity of the VIMworld project and a potentially large ecosystem with millions of users and collectors. Additional tokens will not be minted.

KuCoin Where Can I Buy VeChain VET/VTHOR Coin Token


BTC/VEEDUSDT/VEED VeChain VET VTHO Exchange to buy VeChain in the USA bitrue




The Uniswap of VeChain.

How To Feed Your VIM

Tiers/Vanguard Treasures

17 Tiers, ranging from F Tier at the low end to SX Tier at the highest. Tiers are determined by the amount of VIMenergy stored within a VIM. VIMenergy is derived from VEED tokens and the price of VEED tokens on a given day.

Generally, when a VIM is created it will start at F Tier and will require VIMenergy in order to grow. Every day, players will be allowed to feed each VIM a limited amount of VEED, which is the food VIMs love to eat! Feeding VEED to your VIM converts it into VIMenergy. When the VIMenergy level of a VIM passes a predetermined threshold, that VIM will level up into a higher tier.

More on VEED to VIMenergy conversion, Why Should I get a Top Tier VIM, FEAST!

More on Vanguard Treasures

What are Treasures?

Treasures are pieces of metadata that collectors can use to make their VIM more unique and valuable within VIMworld. Some treasures represent the “bloodline” of a VIM, attributing it to a specific clan of VIMs, while other treasures can indicate that a VIM has endured a special event of some kind. 

Each VIM can hold a variety of different treasures, as well as multiple quantities of each. The more Treasures your VIM collects, the better! Once acquired by your VIM, treasure can be spent within the VIMworld ecosystem, effectively burning that treasure forever. In this way, Treasures will be like the currency your VIMs use within VIMworld, useful for purchasing powerups, add-ons and other VIM-specific products and experiences.

Treasures are also given to VIMs which successfully complete quests, marking their in-lore accomplishments as well as making them uniquely identifiable in the VIMworld ecosystem. 

VIMworld is a revolutionary non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem that creates a space where entrepreneurship and play combine and thrive.


Clans are groups of VIMs that share characteristics. One of the ways for VIMs to be identified as the same clan is with specific and designated Treasures they hold. However, clans are not limited or exclusive to VIMs sharing Treasures. Factors such as lore, background and design, among others, play a role.

VIMs in the same Clan can be from different VIM collection series and artists, making it another way of incentivizing collectors and holders.

When a user completes a full set of VIMs from the same Clan, they become eligible to receive amazing rewards such as in-game boosts, gameplay modifiers and bonuses. VIMs within a Clan will also have their own exclusive events and giveaways, similar to how S Tier VIMs have their own exclusive events.

Clans are a way to further add mix-and-match possibilities to VIMs as well as significantly boosting the value and collectibility of all VIMs. Make sure to aim to collect all of them!

Deities and Blessings

One of the many benefits of owning an S-Tier VIM is being able to participate in the “blessings” of various gods and goddesses that inhabit the realms around VIMworld. As of this time, there is no scheduled times for the appearance of these gods, but the usual scenario is an announcement indicating the arrival of a deity. After that, there is usually an announcement of the arrival date and the name of deity. In some cases, clues are given for special requirements for additional blessings, as in the case of Austrför and Armstrong

In addition to tokens being directly deposited into VIM holder’s wallets, other blessings have included treasures and other specialty VIMs and announcements of clans.

Deities and blessings are not related to an S-Tiers share of the VIMpool.



Companion is a a special NFT-based companion that can grant powers or perks to your VIM.

Companions are a great way to make your VIM more unique! Owning a VIM with a companion can also grant special perks such as discounts on purchases within VIMworld, access to special VEED airdrops, higher returns on farming programs, or can even make you eligible for special limited giveaways.

Some Companions are even permanently attached to their VIM. These are known as Soul-BoundCompanions, and the only way to remove one of these is to burn or destroy them. 


Once a VIM has reached S-tier, it gains a digital pocket to hold an EGG. Once attached to a VIM, an EGG goes through an incubation period 

EGGs are also a mechanism by which developers can offer unique rewards or incentives, the Foundation can mark events, and a plethora of other potential use-cases. 

EGGs will have levels of rarity with differing percentage chances of hatching certain kinds and rarities of Companions. If a VIM does not meet the EGG hatching requirements of an EGG,  it can still store the EGG but it will not be incubated/hatched. 

Important Note: Want to withdraw VEED from your VIM? Once you’ve started incubating an EGG or hatched a Companion, the only way to withdraw VEED is to burn the EGG or Companion, erasing it from existence forever.

Eggs aren’t released yet, they are just one reward mechanism for S tiers that can be used.

Why VeChain

VeChainThor blockchain was chosen due to its industry-leading scalability, performance and security. As a highly advanced and improved EVM-based blockchain platform highly compatible with Ethereum, VeChainThor is the best choice for a business aiming for mass adoption to build applications on.

Several native VeChainThor features are vital for VIMworld, including:

  • Eco-friendly, scalable and low cost
  • Fee delegation: All smart contract actions on VeChain require VTHO tokens to be consumed as transaction fees. However, VeChainThor features a unique mechanism called fee delegation, in which application owners can sponsor transaction gas fees for their users. This means that VIMworld users can interact with the ecosystem without ever paying any direct blockchain gas fees. There are also features where smart contract owners can designate users to pay in other assets in order to be sponsored. This allows users to pay in VEED (or any other currency) to act as transaction fees.
  • Sync 2.0 wallet & native web app: Applications built on VeChainThor have the ability to run as a near-to-native web application in conventional browsers, without needing to install wallets. Through the implementation of Sync 2.0 technology, VIMworld can eliminate the need for users to download complicated wallets or navigate generally unfamiliar technology. Instead, users can enjoy a seamless experience, purchase their first VIMs and dive right in to the platform.
  • VeChain Ecosystem Community & Userbase: The VeChain ecosystem has a large community of enthusiasts and supporters. VIMworld will leverage the VeChain community to attract and grow our VIMmer community, helping it grow massively in the years ahead.

Supporting Teams

Fenbushi Capital – Investor and Advisor

Hacken – Parnter

Advisory Board

  • Richard Chang, an Investment Mogul, Co-Founder of Columbia Pictures Asia & Founder of Georgian Pine Management
  • Dan Nash, seasoned finance executive with over 20 years of investment banking and operating finance experience.

Public Project Proposal

Other Resources

VIMworld is a revolutionary non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem that creates a space where entrepreneurship and play combine and thrive.
Visit vimwiki

The VIMworld Wiki (VIMwiki for short) was born from the need to have one place to look up all VIMworld related information, from VIM information through to how to get started, buying VIMs and VEED for example all the way through to information about treasures, blessings for S tiers… and more! 

The founding members are: Peter C, Jaquine, Casartelli and Jaap

With special thanks to Arcade Earth and Mr VIMpossible along with the VIMworld team for their additions pre release 

Why People Like VIMworld

I like VIMworld because it’s vision is unlike any other NFT project I’ve seen. The PPP talks about many features and the one that stands out to me the most is the fact a VIM is a Smart NFT that is both a financial asset and a digital soul. It can be used to provide PoA for physical collectibles whilst also earning you money via the reward structure. Having had the opportunity to get to know the team behind and owners of the project has only increased my love for VIMworld. There are some big backers behind the project with incredible experience that, along with the vision published in the PPP will help propel VIMworld into a first in class category over the next few years.

Peter C

I like VIMs because I see them as the next step of NFT evolution in several ways. They are designed to foster a more personal connection than a typical NFT, for example you take care of your VIM by daily feeding much like a pet, then your VIM takes care of you when it makes you eligible for drops of other NFTs and through staking rewards. We’re also looking forward to both the integration of VIMs with the physical world and the release of games where the VIMs will be playable characters.


An amazing and well experienced team lead by an incredibly hard working, engaging, well connected, business savvy and intelligent pair Jackson and Lila, quality investors such as VeChain and Fenbushi, the best community and a game changing quality product which breaches and unites the physical and digital world of play. Every single day VIMworld keeps building and getting better.

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