VPunks Game

As seen on the VPunks Roadmap, the first game was set for 12/26/2021. Yesterday, the team delivered. Just a demo for now, but you can play the game and practice for when $VPU is on the line in the future.

“Admin will release the demo to play on the 26th so the community can practice playing the game, and then finish working on the P2E reward system so they can fully launch the game and everyone will be ready to compete. P.S. Rarity will play a part in the P2E reward model.” – MILK

“Relation to P2E will be the ability to earn VPU and tokens in game and rarity will increase the generation of tokens! More details to follow from the team.” – Chaz

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Rarity Score and $VPU Rewards

“From my understanding, the more rare the VPunk you choose from your account to play with the more tokens you’ll get to use in game to power up the specials etc. Making it easier to win and get to the top.” – Chaz


VPunks Roadmap New Game

*Please note the “Select VPunks” right now are static and are just for placeholder.

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