World of V Collector Box

All NFT Boxes will be revealed once sold out. 100 boxes total.

Pricing in $VET and in $WOV, prices not yet announced on site.


World of V Knows: collecting NFTs is a lot of fun, but It can get nerve-wracking at times. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or new to the space, you often find yourself browsing through thousands of NFTs for sale, without an exact idea of what to buy, and how much you should spend for it.

Luckily, they’ve got us covered.

Here is the perfect Starter Pack for a budding collector or the ideal gift for that friend who’d like to jump into NFTs!


The WoV Collector Box is a special box containing a quality collection of 10 NFTs thoroughly selected by our Art Curators, The Italian Collector and Wise. The NFTs are created by some of the best artists specifically for the Collector Box: you won’t find them anywhere else, so get ready to collect! The Collector Box comes in a limited edition of 100 items.


By claiming a box, you’ll receive 10 incredible pieces of art from our Curated selection at an affordable price. But there’s more! Hidden among the 100 boxes are the Surprise Boxes, unique boxes containing 10 NFTs PLUS a special gift!

– 5 boxes will contain 10 NFTs + 1 edition of 5 NFT by the highlight artist of the month 
– 20 boxes will contain 10 NFTs + 20 VeHashes, the official World of V PFP collection 
– 10 boxes will contain 10 NFTs + 10 Genesis Cards, the utility NFTs of the WoV ecosystem generating 10 WoV tokens each day for the next 10 years! 

Will you be buying?

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